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What affects can marijuana have on an unborn baby

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Smoking marijuana during pregnancy can cause miscarriage, low birth-weight, prematurity, and developmental delays. Thanks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-affects-can-marijuana-have-on-an-unborn-baby ]
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How can marijuana affect the unborn baby
・ : Studies of marijuana in pregnancy are inconclusive because many women who smoke marijuana also use ... ・ miscarriage , low birth-weight, ・ premature births , developmental delays, and behavioral and learning problems.
How would drugs (shrooms, ecstacy, and marijuana) affect an unbor...?
i think if you continued doing those drugs, they would possibly affect the baby, but this soon, it would most likely only do harm as in miscarriage. if you didnt do any of those the rest of the pregnancy, the baby should be fine. once you f...
What Does Marijuana Do To An Unborn Baby?
Nothing. There is no proof that marijuana is harmful to anyone, of any age. I suggest that you get a medical marijuana license if you intend to smoke. Otherwise, you will encounter all kinds of trouble from the uneducated uninformed masses,...

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Smoking marijuanna now will affect unborn baby??
Q: First of all...... I am NOT pregnant!! but i was wondering if i smoked marijuana NOW....will it have any affect on my baby when i decide to have one. My boyfriend and i were having a debate. I don't think it will have any accect on my baby UNLESS i was smoking it while i was PREGNANT(which I would not ever think of doing). He seems to think otherwise. Please tell be what you think...and if you have some sites to prove it that will be great too!! ps i know the pros and cons of somking marijuana....i am trying to quit....
A: The bad thing about waiting until you are pregnant to stop is that you won't know you are pregnant for a few weeks. If you are having sex, you should stop smoking it now. Because it's always possible to get pregnant and the first three months of pregnancy are crucial. Stop now.TO: LINDZYMILLI am not anti-pot. I used to smoke it and think that if alcohol is legal then pot should be too. However, I do love my children and would not do anything to jeopardize their health.It is not that baby's fault that they are in my womb, it's mine and it is also my responsibility to care of them.

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