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Should i roll a joint or a blunt

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I wouldn't roll either of them. After reading the affects it can have, I would just say no. Thanks for using ChaCha!!! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/should-i-roll-a-joint-or-a-blunt ]
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How Do I Roll A Joint/Blunt?
similar to rolling a cigarette, unless your using kings, rips or an L but its the same principle. Don't use a filter though, because apparently you don't get that high from it. Instead use a roach e.g rip a rectangular shape off your parket...
What kind of paper should i use to roll a blunt/joint ??
you can buy zigzags at a 7/11 or any gas station or smoke shop or cigarette shop. you have to be 18 to buy them. if you are desperate you can get ahold of a cigarette or cigare and spend forrreeeeevvvveeerr taking the tobacco out and then s...
What should I roll a joint or blunt?
What them guys said. Screw joints and blunts. They're covert tools for when you can't have paraphernalia. They waste a lot more herb and cook your trachea and lungs worse than pipes. Get a nice little piece and you can enjoy the flavor of y...

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what kind of paper should i use to roll a blunt/joint ?
Q: where do i buy it ?how old do i have to be to buy zig zags
A: Me and my friends usually use pages of Bible for a joint, thick pages last longer where to buy: any Christian store that sells Bibles P.S. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BELIEVERS IN BIBLE!
What (if any) effect would you have of rolling a primo style blunt with extacy?
Q: If you crushed and broke down a tab into a powder form, would you have a similar effect as a primo rolled blunt/joint?Just curious =]
A: dumb
Blunt Roll with a zig zag roll machine?
Q: Woundering if anyone knows how well a blunt can be rolled using a zig zag joint rolling machine? I have a 100mm one so i figure if i cut down the blunt wrap a little it hsould fit just right.
A: my answer it's awesome dude..., nice one

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