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Is weed worse than beer

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Alcohol and marijuana each have their own side effects. Neither one is 'worse' than the other. It simply depends on your body. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-weed-worse-than-beer ]
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Is weed worse for you than beer?
a little beer is actually good for you. weed is never good for you.

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what is worse weed or beer?
Q: what is worse for your body and brain cells - drinking beer or smoking weed
A: intresting question..Pot is less addictive than coffee. I have become addicted to coffee myself and have broken the habit. You get mild headaches for a few days. I have never had any symptoms for withdrawal from Pot. Pot will cause some short term memory loss. It's harder to remember a 10 digit phone number. Beer causes the same memory loss as Pot. The effect is temporary and wears off completely. Pot has no long term affects on the brain. I have been smoking Pot for the last 25 years and I still test as a genius on IQ tests. My mental abilities have increased over the years. Pot will give you the Munchies. You may eat more than you would normally. If you are on a diet, you should factor this in when deciding to smoke Pot. It could cause you to gain weight. Pot is a sexual stimulant. It removes a persons inhibitions. You are more likely to agree to have sex when you are stoned. You are also more likely to not use birth control while stoned. Sometimes people get others stoned to try to get them to have sex when they normally wouldn't. If you are getting stoned with members of the opposite sex, be aware of this and realize that it can have this effect on you. If Pot were legal, many people would switch from alcohol to Pot. I think that a lot of Alcohol abuse come from the fact that it is the only legal drug and therefore is overused. Alcohol is highly addictive, physically and psychologically destructive, and is a severe drag on society. I think that if Pot were legal that many people would switch to Pot and be much better off. I think one side effect of legalizing Pot would be a major reduction in the abuse of Alcohol and that the number of traffic deaths would drop dramatically.MARIJUANA DOES NOT KILL BRAIN CELLSthis information is based on research done during the second Reefer Madness Movement. A study attempted to show that marijuana smoking damaged brain structures in monkeys. However, the study was poorly performed and it was severely criticized by a medical review board. Studies done afterwards failed to show any brain damage, in fact a very recent study on Rhesus monkeys used technology so sensitive that scientists could actually see the effect of learning on brain cells, and it found no damage.But this was Reefer Madness II, and the prohibitionists were looking around for anything they could find to keep the marijuana legalization movement in check, so this study was widely used in anti-marijuana propaganda. It was recanted later.(To this day, the radical anti-drug groups, like P.R.I.D.E. and Dr. Gabriel Nahas, still use it -- In fact, America's most popular drug education program, Drug Abuse Resistance Education, claims that marijuana ``can impair memory perception & judgement by destroying brain cells.'' When police and teachers read this and believe it, our job gets really tough, since it takes a long time to explain to children how Ms. Jones and Officer Bob were wrong.)
whats worse weed or beer?
Q: my cousin is a alcoholic and a smoker but he think beer is safer than weed
A: Alcohol is worse than weed. There are no proven side effects of weed. Alcohol can kill your liver. He should get for being an alcoholic. Nobody can say anything bad about marijuana until there are proven studies of how marijuana is bad for your body.
whats worse for you weed or beer?!?
Q: smoking 2 joints a day or drinking 2-3 beers a day? i think beer is more safer then weed because weed can cause depression but im pretty sure beer isnt bad as weed in that
A: omg a day? both are hella bad if you do it that often, do it like a couple times a month thats it for either one.

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