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Is marijuana the least harmful drug

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Marijuana is considered the lesser of the drug evils,but smokers show dysregulated growth of cells in their lung tissue. Cancer? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-marijuana-the-least-harmful-drug ]
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Does anyone know if there are any harmful drug interactions betwe...?
Actually that is not entirely true, marijuana will mask or alleviate certain conditions but will offer no improvement. Once the usage is stopped the condition will resurface (in some instances it can make a condition worse if it needs to be...
Should marijuana be used for medicinal purposes or this just anot...?
When you talk about marijuana legalization you're really talking about four different things. Decriminalization, re-scheduling, controlled legalization or complete legalization. The argument about medical marijuana is about re-scheduling. C...
Why don't we reinforce prohibition of alcohol if Marijuana is suc...?
One very simple reason: Money. Alcohol has a much, much larger lobby in D.C. than marijuana does. Therefore, alcohol spends a lot more money on the lawmakers than the marijuana lobby does. Who do you think tthe lawmakers are going to side...

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The least harmful drug??
Q: i know that no drug is safe but what is the least harmful drug besides marijuana and alcohol. Like mushroom, and ectdont tell me not to do it i already no, i just want to know which is the least harmful(in the long run)..?i want to try shrooms because ive heard it like Alice in Wonderland and you see cool things but is that true? and how much would you use at a timeI will give 5 stars to best answer!!!!and BTW i mean if i were only to do a drug ONCE!!!
A: There is no drug that is not harmful. Side effects can be different. But, it's all in the dose, and what drug it is.Mushrooms and acid are dangerous, because you have to be at peace with yourself and the world before you experience it. I am not much of a help but this website should answer not only this question, but many to come:http://www.erowid.org/
How many people here thinks marijuana should be legalized?
Q: Is it just me, or does it seem like there are more alcohol related deaths than there are marijuana related deaths. It seems like Marijuana is the least harmful drug out there. I don't see the harm in legalizing it. Think about it. If it becomes legal, then it becomes taxable creating a lot more money for the economy. The marijuana drug trade is probably a billion dollar industry. It would also take away from the drug dealers. The government could regulate it, by making laws as far as age limit, and the maximum amount you can have on your person, etc... Same rules would apply as far as driving under the influence. I just think it would get rid of a lot of stupid criminal cases involving Marijuana. It would also open up more room in our prison system for more serious offenders. The courts right now really just fine them and make them do community service and probation anyway, unless it is a serious offense. AND FOR THE RECORD I HAVE NEVER SMOKED OR SOLD MARIJUANA IN MY LIFE.
A: It makes sense to me. The war on drugs has only made things worse. I find alcohol to be much more dangerous. Also, for those of you who Do smoke, you need to vote for Ron Paul in your states primary elections this january or february. We actually have a candidate that says he would immediately decriminalize marijuana and not put people in jail for Non-violent drug related crimes. If he doesnt win the primaries he'll probably have to drop out. Spread the word!
POLL: who thinks marijuana is a bad drug?
Q: Who thinks it is wrong to do?I think it should not be illegal and cannabis is the least harmful "drug"(plant) and that some people have ignorant and close minded opionins about people who choose to participate in the recreational use of marijuana.so basically i would like to know if you use it agree with using it or just your general opinion
A: Its the herbal equivalent, in my book, of alcohol. Like alcohol it should be regulated &, hello, taxed for revenue. I can't figure how the lessons of Al Capone's Chicago & liquor prohibition haven't been recognized with regards to cannabis.Betcha didn't know: during 1920s Prohibition, then-President Harding used to host hushed up poker games in a room in the White House where the alcohol flowed pretty freely. Supposedly during the 70s, then-President Carter hosted Willie Nelson at the White House & supposedly Willie smoked a joint on the building's roof.Aint history fun? ;)

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