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Is marijuana good to smoke

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It's not that healthy to smoke, but technically it is better for a person than cigarettes. ChaCha back soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-marijuana-good-to-smoke ]
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Is marijuana good to smoke while pregnant?
I am not a doctor but there have been some studies done on this and the results seemed to show that children whose mothers smoked marijuana while pregnant grew up to be happier, more sociable and calmer than those children whose mothers did...
Do male marijuana plants wield good smoke?
The male marijuana plant could be useless to some people and helpful to others. It only depends on what you want it for. For instance, if your a stoner and just looking for a good high, than no, a male plant is basically useless. If your a ...
How can you tell if marijuana is good or bad if you don't smoke i...?
How Can You Tell If Marijuana Is Good Or Bad For You If You've Never Tried It? ・ Once I had some weed and it was all nice and crystalized and nice and heavy and it was probably some ... ・ You can't tell if the physical effects of marijuana...

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How good does it feel to smoke marijuana?
Q: Should I try it?There is an ongoing debate on how it is harmlessSome say smoking cigarettes is actually more harmfulSmoking weed is legal in the NetherlandsHow good does it feel to smoke marijuana?
A: Smoking weed is not for everyone. Don't listen to all the people that will answer "smoking weed is illegal, don't do it." That being said, don't listen to the potheads who will flame these people and encourage you to do it as well. Studies have shown that upwards of 83 million Americans over the age of 12 have tried it at least once. Many millions do it a lot.People smoke weed for a number of reasons. Like one person said, medical marijuana has been found to help chemo, aids, and glaucoma patients, amongs other ailments. In the state of California it is legal to purchase, possess, and smoke marijuana after having received a prescription from a doctor.Recreational smokers use marijuana because they like the way it makes them feel. And to answer your question, and being a regular user, I can tell you that, under the right circumstances, smoking weed can be a fantastic experience. Upon properly smoking marijuana, you will feel slightly lightheaded, giddy, and euphoric. Watching a movie while high is a great experience, as many things are perceived to be funnier while under the influence. I personally love the feeling and love going to movies high because I will get way more into the film as a result.All this considered, smoking marijuana can give you a heightened sense of paranoia when put in the right circumstances. For example, if smoking in a public area in the US, one might feel the unsubstantiated sense that you will be caught by the police or your parents upon returning home. These effects are quite common among new smokers. Seasoned veterans are able to handle the sensation with ease.The health issue has neither been confirmed nor completely refuted. Smoking it once will not shorten your life. It is also not physically addictive in the sense that users of hard drugs like cocaine and heroin will feel sick from not using.My advice to you, if you find a controlled area, free from the possibility of interruption or the possibility of being caught, go ahead and try it.
When is it good to smoke marijuana?
Q: When is it good to smoke marijuana?Please list the positives, I have a separate question for the negatives.
A: Marijuana contains an amazing chemical, beta-caryophyllene, and scientists have thoroughly proven that it could be used to treat pain, inflammation, atherosclerosis, and osteoporosis.Jürg Gertsch, of ETH Zürich, and his collaborators from three other universities learned that the natural molecule can activate a protein called cannabinoid receptor type 2. When that biological button is pushed, it soothes the immune system, increases bone mass, and blocks pain signals -- without causing euphoria or interfering with the central nervous system.Gertsch and his team published their findings on June 23 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.They focused on the anti-inflammatory properties of the impressive substance -- testing it on immune cells called monocytes and also in mice.Since beta-caryophyllene seems to be powerful, occurs naturally in many foods, and does not get people high, it could turn out to be a nearly ideal medication. The organic compound is also phenomenally cheap. Sigma Aldrich sells it, in kosher form, for forty-two dollars per kilogram.Unfortunately, big pharmaceutical companies tend not to seek FDA approval for natural chemicals, and most doctors are reluctant to prescribe drugs that have not received a green light from the regulatory agency. Thus, it would require a heroic effort by academic researchers to prove that beta-caryophyllene is safe and effective in humans.Perhaps, before that happens, the natural substance will find its way into the herbal medicine aisle of health food stores.
Why do I only have good productive bowel movements when I smoke Marijuana?
Q: I've been having problems with bowels movements for some time now. So I started taking Benefiber, drinking lots of water, exercising and eating better. That seemed to work for a little while but now 3 months later I'm back to the way I was before. Until recently I smoked some weed and WOW! Right away I could go and I went about 4 times before lunch and each time I went my movements were very productive. I was able to do that for a couple of days until the little nugget of weed I had ran out. Now two weeks later I'm all clogged up again. This is very distressing because my farts stink very badly and I think I'm giving myself hemorrhoids when I try and make one happen. It’s been two days since my last productive bowel movement. I know this sounds bad but I'm serious! So why do I only have good productive bowel movements when I smoke Marijuana?
A: Marijuana relaxes you dude. Relaxes the muscles EVERYWHERE. lol. You need to drink lots and lots of water regularly along with the fiber. Try drinking hot water in the morning or even coffee, or tea or hot chocolate.

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