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Is it bad to inhale cigar

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Cigar smoke is very strong for the lungs which has tobacco in them. Which can lead to lung cancer. ChaCha responsibly! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-bad-to-inhale-cigar ]
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Is it bad to inhale cigars?
I would not recomend you do that. It can't be good for your lungs.
Is inhaling a cigar bad?
Any type smoking is bad for a person and the ones around them that inhale the second hand smoke. Cigars have a higher concentration of the cancer causing elements so they are even worse for the person smoking and those around them. Bottom l...
Are cigars bad for you if you don't inhale?
The occasional cigar, smoked correctly (sans inhaling) is not bad for you They are not without their health risks, though.

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Really how bad is it to smoke one full sized cigar a week?
Q: I used to smoke about one cigar a week. Of course everyone knows you dont inhale cigars, so I was just curious if it is at all damaging to your lungs. I assume that it cant be as bad as smoking cigarettes since I do not inhale. I need a very specific answer, not just its bad. Thanks.
A: It is NOT bad as long as you don't inhale and the previous poster is clueless.Just don't kid yourself into thinking that its totally safe - oral cancer is a possibility if you are genetically predisposed to it.Many health insurance companies even classify cigar smokers as non-smokers.
you're not suppose to inhale cigar smoke?
Q: i smoke primetime cigars often (once smoked about 7 in one day), and i always inhale. i've heard its bad to inhale cigar smoke, but is it bad to inhale primetime smoke even though they're considered "little cigars"?
A: You are NOT supposed to inhale cigars - they are smoked for flavor and aroma.Primetimes, and other cigarillos, are no exception. However the kids that smoke them inhale, so....whatever floats your boat.
Is inhaling while smoking a cigar bad for you?
Q: As in detrimental to you rather than just puffing it and then exhaling it?
A: Cigar smokers don't inhale period. Cigars are supposed to be puffed on and tasted in the mouth.

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