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Is getting high off nutmeg safe

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Nutmeg is an herb an narcotic which is not problematic if used indoses for seasoning. It can be lethal if used in mass amounts! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-getting-high-off-nutmeg-safe ]
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When getting high on nutmeg, is it best to smoke it, or eat/drink...?
Hello, I am an herbalist and have studied and worked with herbs most of my life. Not only do I know what herbs make you high but, I also know that you shouldn't abuse them. Or abuse yourself with them. They were used by ancient apothecaries...
How come getting high off of nutmeg last longer than pot??
Getting high off nutmeg is a missunderstood drug. Most people just eat a couple spoons of the spice, all that'll do is get you real sick. You need to get the whole kernel and eat a certain oart of it. It lasts longer than pot because it's a...

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Is it safe to get high off nutmeg?
Q: I have read many articles on how nutmeg is a legal drug that gives you Euphoria-like effects. I asked my mom about this and it turns out she used to use nutmeg to get high. I want to experience what being high feels like, but i also dont want to hurt my body. Please answer seriously, no stupid answers.
A: If you snort it, you will damage your nasal passages, lungs, etc. If you want to take a chance on it not hurting you, why not just boil some water and stir some ground up nutmeg into it. Then sip it. If it doesn't give you a stomach ache or make you throw up, you might survive. Just make sure your mom is around so she can call 911 and tell the EMTs what you did in case your heart or brain blows out or your kidneys fail. Anything that chemically makes you high can damage your body organs, especially your brain. It's not worth taking a chance on.
getting high off nutmeg?
Q: i found some crushed up kroger brand nutmeg in my moms spice cabnet. can you get high off crushed nutmeg? how fast does it kick in? how long does it last? whats it like?how much do i need? can i even do it? i weigh about 125 pounds and i recentley quit smoking maerajauna for football and drug testing. is it safe? please help
A: It takes about 2 tablespoons to kick in.Its effects are usually unpleasant and stay with you for a few days. The main effects of it can last up to 24 hours, while the minor effects can stay around 72 hours. It takes about 2-7 hours to kick in.You can read a lot of other people's experiences here: http://www.erowid.org/experiences/subs/exp_Nutmeg.shtmlThere's a large amount of negative ones, and the positive ones seem to not be extremely happy with it or anything. I really wouldn't suggest it since there is such a good chance of you not liking it, and the effects last so long.
Safest Way To Get High off Nutmeg?
Q: Smoke it drink it or eat it or mix it
A: Did you know that brain cells are the only cells in the human body that don't recreate them selves say like a blood cell splitting in two. Yeah, what you are born with is what you got. You kill some naturally, every time you bonk your head, or don't drink enough water, you can even kill some every time you hold your breath. So why do something that kills more? I'm not saying getting high is a bad thing, if it didn't kill brain cells I and others may do it all the time, but since I know it will only make me less intelligent then I try and just not give in to that temptation.

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