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If you took one hit of weed how long will it stay in your system

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It is unlikely that there is enough THC in 1 hit to stay in your system longer that a couple of days if that. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-took-one-hit-of-weed-how-long-will-it-stay-in-your-system ]
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How long does weed stay in your system if you take 1 hit??
Depending on the THC toxicity of the weed, no more than 2 weeks.
How Long With Weed Stay In Your System If You Only Take 1 Hit??
It probably wont show up at all in a drug test.

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How long will one hit of weed stay in my system?
Q: I haven't smoked weed in about 7 months. I was pretty drunk today and took a pull, and I'm looking at a possible drug test next wednesday. I have about 7 days before I possibly get urine tested, and I could also reschedule it for Thursday or Friday if necessary. I'm about 140 pounds, 5'11, and fairly active. So, what do you guys think..how long will one hit stay in my system? By the way, please don't give me that 30-day bullshit...I used to smoke 4-5 times a day for almost a decade and passed urine screens within just 3 weeks of not smoking...I'm just not so sure about one hit.
A: ok put trash bags on or something to sweat a lot then run a mile drink lots of water too or prune juice
How long will a couple hits of weed stay in your system?
Q: I took a couple hits off a bowl Saturday night. around 4 am...I found out i may have a drug test on tuesday at 4pm...I rarely ever smoke this is the first time i have this year. You think It will be out of my system by the test day? If not what should i do? Any detox products work?
A: considering you haven't smoked in a year and it was only a few hits, i think you should be fine. however drink a lot of water and try and do some exercise.
how long does weed stay in your system if you only took one hit for the first time in month?
Q: im taking a unrine test i just want to know if i can pass it
A: If you are a regular smoker it takes about 30 days...if you havent smoked in 30 days and you only took one hit, I would be pretty confident that you would pass a urine test no problem.Good luck.You can always go to a novelty shop..like planet k..not sure if they have em everywhere...but they sell drinks that flush your system and are guaranteed to work. Or you could always just take someone elses pee in a zip lock...I know I know it sounds gross...I havent ever done it but I know of several people that have. Keep it on the dash so it stays warm...then when you get there put it in your pants against your skin so it can get as close to your body temp as possible. and when you go into the room just either tear the bag or open it..put some in the cup..flush the rest. Prob not a good idea to leave the bag in there though..so you should prob take it back with you then discard.But like I said..one hit, in a month..you'll probably be fine

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