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How much is your life reduced by smoking a cigarette

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Every cigarette you smoke shortens your lifespan by about 11 minutes. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-much-is-your-life-reduced-by-smoking-a-cigarette ]
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How much does smoking reduce life expectancy, per cigarette??
I am almost 70 and have smoked around 500,000 cigarettes, that would be a low estimate. I have COPD, I would say the cigarettes have not reduced my life span as much as reduced quality of life. So many things I can no longer do. Perhaps not...

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I know direct smoking reduces your life, but does second hand smoke?
Q: I've heard directly smoking a cigarette reduces 11 seconds of your life. Does second hand smoke relate to reducing your life? Is it related in some way?
A: Sorry some people have forgotten to mention but secondhand smoke is believed to be worse for you than firsthand as the smoker is breathing through a filter and so less tar will get into their lungs (thats why the white filter is often turned brown after they've finished smoking - it is because the tar gas has got caught in the fibres) whereas you have no protection from the fumes at all.
Is it true that smoking reduces lifetime by 11 minutes for each cigarette?
Q: i've read somewhere that a smoker loses 11 minutes of his life time for each cigarette he lights
A: That is an average figure - you don't know how long any individual would live with or without smoking. What is clear is that smoking will make you stink, that it will make you sick in a nasty variety of ways, and that if something else doesn't kill you at a young age, it will eventually lead to your death.When you have to carry an oxygen tank with you everyplace you go or when you cough your guts out from the exertion of walking across the room, it won't matter much whether it was 11 minutes or 8 minutes each cancer stick took off your life. When your loved ones are weeping for you in intensive care and then weeping again as they bury you, they will not care exactly how many more minutes you would have lived without the nasty habit.The fact is that smoking kills. It kills different people at different rates, but it's generally agonizingly slow doing it. In the meantime you get to give up sports, sex, or anything else, including leisurely strolls, that calls for physical exertion. You get to take lots of pills to try to slow the dying process. And you hurt every person who cares for you and has to watch your slow suicide.
No ofence to smokers ...:D?
Q: Every cigarette smoke reduces your life by 5 minutes; but sex, increases life by 10 minutes... So the basic theme of this equation is: a fockin' smoker never dies...
A: LOL! As long as they do both equally!

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