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How much is 5 grams of weed

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Marijuana prices vary hugely depending on where you are and who you know. Maybe around $80. ChaCha 24/7. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-much-is-5-grams-of-weed ]
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How much money is 5.7 grams in weed?
in michigan its bout 30-35 dollars worth
How do i smoke .5 grams of weed?
jesus surrey is worse than downtown bc in some places. if you have a small amount of weed, like a little nug just do some blade hits. get 2 butter knives, heat them up till red, press one knife onto the bud then press and hold the second kn...

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my mate smokes 5 grams of weed (skunk) a day .. is that too much .. is he addicted ?
A: no he's an idiot. is the short answer..I had a friend from uni who is now a paranoid and depressed due to doing that..
Ive smoked minium 5 grams of weed a day for the past year how long will it take to get my piss clean?
Q: whats the best way to clean out my piss as fast as possible so i can get me a job
A: Lots of Cranberry juice usually cleans out the system pretty quick, drink a couple of liters a couple nights before you do the drug test and most of it should be out of the system.
Caught with 0.5 grams of weed....?
Q: What's the penalty in New York for being caught with a nick of weed ?umm a half a gram of weed is enough for a blunt... trust me, i used to weigh and bag up for a dealer friend of mine....
A: They probably will just laugh you out of court. Half a gram! What can you do with half a gram?

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