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How much does oxycontin sell for

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The traditional street rate for pills if a dollar a gram. Thanks for ChaCha'ing! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-much-does-oxycontin-sell-for ]
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How much does oxycontin sell for?
If your asking for street prices its usuall between .50 cents to a dollar a mg. A 80 mg is usuall 60 bucks round here unless you buy in bulk the the dealer may let them go cheaper
How much does oxycodone sell for on the street.
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How much can I sell my oxycodine 325 mg pills for on the street. ...?
Honey those are completely different pills! Oxi can make bank on the street, however oxycodine cant. Lol. You can get oxycodine when you get a toothache! They definitely dont give out Oxi for toothaches!

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how much can u sell oxycontin for on the streets? 10,20,40,80 mg?
A: well, the 10s maybe 2 bucks and the 80s about 5 bucks. but all cities are different. hope this helps!!
how much can I sell my oxycodine 325 mg pills for on the street. compared to oxycontin?
A: I had some for a toothache and i sold them for $3 a pill
When does the patent for OxyContin expire?
Q: My insurance is drastically raising the price on non-generic drugs, and I was wondering how much longer Purdue Pharmaceuticals can stop generics from being sold.
A: Er. Oxycodone, the active ingredient in OxyContin has been generic for decades. However, the controlled release formulation is mired in such massive patent lawsuits over the mechanics involved that it's difficult to say, at least another year or so.Get together with your doctor and you can probably find another formulation of oxycodone out there, there's quite literally five dozen of them.

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