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How many people have died from smoking weed

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Smoking marijuana can't kill outright. There's no such thing as a fatal marijuana overdose. Long-term use still isnt good for you. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-people-have-died-from-smoking-weed ]
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How many people in America die each year from smoking weed??
Well it's well known that there are no deaths reported as being directly caused by smoking bud, but of course smoking anything is pretty unhealthy, and especially if it is smoked with tobacco I'm sure it has some impact on health. If smoked...
How can smoking kill?
either second hand smoke or just smoking can kill you by messing up your lungs and heart either way their both dangerous
Does weed kill?
In drugs there's a thing called the LD50--the Lethal Dose for 50 percent of those who take it. Marijuana has an LD50 that's unbelievably high--a domestic dog would have to eat one-third of a pound of pure THC over a four-hour period to re...

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Why to people think weed is SO bad for you, when in fact nobody has ever died from smoking weed!?
Q: It has been proven time and time again, that there is no possible way to die from smoking weed. Period. Well...unless you get really high and run in front of a train. Millions of people die from tobacco every year, and millions of people die from alcohol poisoning every year, but you don't hear people dissing these drugs do you?Honestly, it just really annoys me when people go on and on about how bad marijuana is, and how it will ruin your life. PROVE IT! Show me where somebody's life has been ruined from weed. And don't say "schizophrenia", because these people were most likely susceptible to it anyway. Also, how many times have people been glassed/bashed/shot/raped by a drunk person? Every week it happens! Do you know why a stoned person never kills anybody? Because all they want to do is order a pizza and watch Kung Fu Cow on Pay TV. They don't have the energy to go out and stab somebody.And yes i smoke weed, proud of it thanks.Peace ;)Of course people can get hurt as a result of smoking weed, i didn't mean that if you had read my question properly. What i meant was that the drug itself does no harm to your body, as in you can't overdose on marijuana. If people are stupid enough to drive stoned then thats their problem.
A: Have you forgoton that smoking weed is carcinogenic?it can kill people just like smoking tobacco can kill people.Thats not to mention all the other ways already mentioned where it can indirectly kill you.
how many people die from smoking weed?
A: Directly, from the marijuana itself? No one. There are no carcinogens or toxins in it. But I suppose there ARE stupid people who make the rest of us pot-smokers look bad by smoking too much and then doing something incredibly stupid, resulting in their death....http://i386.photobucket.com/albums/oo305/cohibadrew/Deaths.jpg
The people on here are telling me that people die from smoking weed?
Q: And I clearly proved them wrong/ If you cant name some one that h as died from smoking weed, then dont say it. Yah nothing you in hale is good for your lungs, but by far, cig and alchhol and that stuff is way worse from you,,, i m a hippi, .
A: London Lass, for a Doctor, your knowledge of smoking related illnesses is very restricted! If you smoke anything (and I mean anything) one of the by-products of smoking anything, is Carbon Monoxide, a known carcinogen, therefore increasing the risk of cancer in long-term heavy users. Also, as with other smokeable drugs, the risk of respitory diseases increases.That said, you can use harm reduction techniques for the consumption of cannabis, notably, eating cannabis or using a vaporiser. Reducing the amount of carcinogens that you consume, will also reduce the risk (so, if you do smoke, try not to use tobacco too). However, even with these harm reductions techniques, you still run the risk of being caught in possession of an illegal substance, and also, risks to your mental health.So to answer your question, it is unlikely that you will die directly from cannabis, but if you smoke it, the increase of smoking related diseases increases.EDIT: HAUG the 4 spiffs equates to 20 cigs is so a poor statistic. It depends on so many variables (how big is the spiff, how much cannabis is used, how much tobacco is used, how the smoker inhales, how much they inhale, etc, etc), it isn't worth using as a statistic!Also, the statistic of 85% increase into inpaitent psychiatric care. Not sure where you got that statistic from, nor which country it refers to, but if it is the statistic that was banded about in the UK about a month ago, it was discredited. Yes, their is a significant increase risk of psychiatric care requiredd for cannabis users, but not as big that as what is being reported in the popular press!

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