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How many beers can you have before you die

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Many factors are involved, but binge drinking, 5 beers or more an hour, for many hours can be dangerous and lead to death. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-beers-can-you-have-before-you-die ]
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How many beers i can have before i die?
Only as much as your budget will allow.
How many beers before I die?
Jon Abernathy has completed his “50 beers to drink before you die” series at The Brew Site . Why would I mention this given that I’ve already declared the new Ten Best list from Playboy irrelevant to my beer drinking life? I guess I’ve fig...
How many cans of beer it will take before you die??
well, for a fairly small person... This is going to sound pretty gross, but it's true.. two cans if they're obsorbed through your colon can give you alcoholol poisoning pretty badly and possibly kill you. If you pour all the beer into your ...

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How many beers can I take before I die?
Q: Last night I drank 18 and felt like i could take on alot more but I locked myself out of my house. I want to be able to kill a 30 before I go to college, can this happen in one night in an eight hour span, everyone at school says i'll die but i think i can do it.
A: why 30, go for 60
How many beers can you drink at once before you die?
Q: They did this on MANswers but I forget how many it was.Source?
A: Depends on a lot of factors. Don't be an idiot by finding out.
How much beers can you drink in a row before you die?
Q: I'm going with Manswers, a 160 pound man would die after 18 beers.A lot of jerkoffs say hah i drank more than that and I'm still here, but one sitting could also have meant in a row.Tell me if I'm wrong and why.
A: The answer from Manswers is pretty good. The BAC calculator I've linked below says that it would take 18 beers in three hours (a pretty normal length of drinking session, I suppose) to put a 160-pound man over .4% BAC. .4% is the accepted lethal dose for 50% of the human population -- at that point, you're as likely as not to die of alcohol poisoning.If you're just knocking them back every four minutes or so, it takes about 17 beers for a man that size to hit .4%. For an extended drinking session of six hours it goes up to 20 beers.Hope this helps.

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