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How long does weed show up in a drug test

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Theperiod of time is anywhere from 3-30 days, depending on your metabolism and the amount of marijuana that you've smoked. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-weed-show-up-in-a-drug-test ]
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How long does 1 puff of weed take to show up negative on a drug t...?
probably 1 month, 1 puff or not, the THC is in your bloodstream.

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how long does it take for your system to clear up so that weed doesn't show up on your drug test?
Q: this drug test is a blood test... its been two weeks and the test is next week.
A: for Blood Test NOT Urinelike 48 hours maybe lessfor BLOOD test urine is more like a month I dont think you have anything to worry aboutthe other answers do not no the difference between a blood test vs. a urine testmost drugs are not in the blood stream after 2-3 days after use furthermore, you would pass a urine test most likely as wellespecially if it is the kind they just dip in the cup, those are not very good, I passed one after only seven days by just drinking a little tea and half gallon of water (take a little B-12 to keep some coloration in your urine)THC by-products show up in urine test for weeks because they go directly through the endrocrine system, they do not stay in the blood stream
How long will weed show up in a hair drug test?
Q: i did it for the first time today, i took like 8 hits but felt completely normal, like nothing was wrong at all, i didnt feel high at all. how long would the weed take to come out of my hair, my blood and urine? i am 5'5" 140 lbs and hav e12% body fat if thatr makes a difference
A: For as long as you have hair.Blood and urine test would be for around 30 days, I believe.
how long does it take for weed to clear off a drug test?
Q: okay, yesterday I randomly ate like a quarter of a teaspoon of weed (dont ask) I have never had weed before, and I know that next year at school they are having a random drug test and I want to know how long it will be until the weed doesnt show on the drug test?
A: it takes like 1-2 months to clear up... but if you want you can get apple cider vinegar and that would clear your system out... good luck... i always drink apple cider vinegar to cleanse my body.....

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