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How long does the effect of extacy

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The effects of ecstacy usually last 6-14 hours. Thanks for asking ChaCha! Have a great day! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-the-effect-of-extacy ]
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How long are the effects of extacy?
Well, it varies from person to person. First of all, you HAVE to make sure that you drink a ton of water while experiencing ecstasy. It tends to last approximately 6-8 hours, depending on body weight and what the pill is "cut" wit...
What does extacy do to you?
Ecstasy can kill you darling. One good trip could turn into one bad trip and you will never wake up. It can cause paranoia among other things. People talk about how it makes you love everyone and want to hug everyone. It's not good. Don't d...
Can ecstasy kill you?
more people die from chocking on peanuts then from ecstasy. ecstasy dehydrates your body so u need to drink cold water, if u get dehydrated (not drinking any water) you can go to the hospital. ecstasy also doesnt let you pee and u may drink...

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Does anybody know long term effects of extacy useage?
A: Oprah had a show about teenagers who were regular ecstacy users that my wife taped and I got to see. She showed a CAT scan of the brain of a 15-year-old girl who had been using Vitamin X for about 3 years. The CAT scan showed the extent of her brain damage -- her ecstacy use had literally eaten holes in her brain. As with all stimulants, it also took its toll on her heart -- it was weakened because it couldn't take the constant sudden increase in metabolism and heart rate that comes from using X. They said she had maybe ten years to live, even if she stopped taking the drug altogether. How's THAT for a testament against drug use?
What are the harmful long term effects of extacy(tabs, rolls, etc.)?
A: From the end of those treating the people who abuse it, they're pretty ugly. A lot of psychiatric disturbances in the anxiety spectrum - usually starting with mild social phobia and escalating to lifelong anxiety, agoraphobia and occasionally panic attacks. It's quite consistent, appears from a few months to a couple years down the road, and agrees quite well with the NIMH study done above, as disturbances in certain serotonergic systems, and areas of the brain receiving serotonin input could produce something like this.What's even more ugly is that these problems do not respond well to treatment, there does appear to be some form of long lasting neurological damage, and so far these problems don't seem to go away.The problems seem to follow a chronic lifetime exposure pattern, similar to serotonergic hallucinogens - basically it's not how frequently you do it, it's how much you take over your lifetime.
how long does extacy last?..and the effects of it?
Q: my friend took 2 extacy pills today at 7pm and wants to know when the feeling will go away. she is kinda buggin out...any suggestions on what to do, or make it go away faster?but she took it at 7pm..its been almost 5 hours...
A: thats how long it is going to last, it should wear off in the next 5 hours so don't worry about it so much, make sure they are drinking enough water so that they don't dehydrate

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