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How long does the drug salvia stay in your system

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When you smoke Salvia the effects start in less than a minute and are strong for 5-6 minutes and then taper off over 20-30 minutes [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-the-drug-salvia-stay-in-your-system ]
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How long does the drug Salvia stay in your system?
・ 1) It's undetectable ・ 2) It leaves your system almost instantly ・ 3) you're getting ripped off! No such a thing as 120x! It's a scam. There are a couple of companies which ...
How long do drugs stay in your system for a saliva test ??
what "drug" are you referring to? It is very critical to understand ‘how long do drugs stay in your system’ when it comes to drug tests. If an individual is s tested too early or too late after the drug intake, the drugs may not ...
How long does marijuana stay in your system if you have to take a...?
better count on at least 30 days to be sure.

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how long does salvia stay in your system and does it come up on drug tests?
A: It doesn't matter how long it stays in your system. Salvia is legal. Why would it come up on a drug test?
how long does salvia (HB21) stay in your system?
Q: so salvia divinorum has been made illegal in virginia. so how long does it (HB21) stay in your system? i am assuming that they will be testing for it now on drug tests.
A: Although it is possible to detect salvia usage, I can almost say with 100% certainty that it will not be tested for. This is for a few reasons.1. Although it may be banned in certain states, usage of the drug is pretty low (even in the banned states) so they wouldnt bother testing for it.2. As a continuance from the previous reason, a company will not spend millions of dollars on production and R&D to create a drug test for a minor drug that was banned in only a few states. They wouldnt make money. Drug tests GENERALLY test for abusive drugs like MJ, cocaine, meth, heroin etc etc (often ecstasy, just because of its large usage). They would make a common test for shrooms long before one for salvia.Note: I am not sure how long it stays in your system, but I seem to remember hearing only a few days depending on how much you did. My reply was more about the test rather than the bodies metabolism of salvinorin a.
how long does salvia stay in your sytem? and would it show up on a UA?
Q: i was wondering if it would show up on my UAs i get for treatment i live in MNand i think it is ilegal in are state but i was wondering if it would show up on a drug test would it?and how long does it stay in yo system
A: It's gone within a few hours, less than a day and it doesn't show up on any drug tests. Neither does Wild Kratom or Ecsphoria.

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