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How long does THC stays on your urine

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Generally, traces of THC can be detected by standard urine testing methods several days. For heavy smokers it can take weeks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-thc-stays-on-your-urine ]
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How Long Does Thc Stay In Urine?
About 1 month
What is the longest thc stays in urine with a test at 20 ng/ml??
Not more than 30 days. You would have had to use it by the ton for it to be there 90 days.
What is thc soluble?
Dronabinol. Dronabinol is a man-made form of cannabis (marijuana is an herbal form of cannabis). Dronabinol causes many effects on your central nervous system...

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how long does THC stay in your urine before you have it come back clean?
A: http://www.norml.org/Try this web site. It's the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana laws. They have all kinds of info.
How long does THC stay in your blood?
Q: I know how long it stays in your urine, so please don't tell me that. I seriously need a straight answer. Every where I look it's always a different answer. 30 days to a year. Does anyone know the right statistics?? If this helps I have been on a strict diet for the past 2 weeks and I have been working out. (Drinking lots of water too) I heard this could help too.
A: Depends on the amount of fat cells in your body. THC is fat soluable. The THC settles in the fat cells of the body and for most people an average of 30 days or more. Hair is different. Drugs can be picked up for months in hair strand tests. Hope this helps! Keep drinking water and exercising. It can't hurt.
How long does thc stay in hair/urine?
Q: I been clean for 50 days now and used a total body cleanser detox i bought at gnc. I been drinking lots of water and cranberry juice as well. At the moment I am looking for employment and just want to make sure before i go for the drug test I will know what I'm getting into.
A: It depends on how much fat is in your body. A friend of mine had to go three months before taking the test. He ways over 300 pounds.

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