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How long does marijuana show up on a drug test

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The most common is anywhere from 3-30 days, depending on your metabolism and the amount of marijuana that you've smoked. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-marijuana-show-up-on-a-drug-test ]
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How long does marijuana show up in a urine drug test??
31 days 1.5 days does it matter how much you smoke or how often
How long does marijuana stay in your body to make it show up on a...?
It takes 30 days to leave your system. If you are trying to get it out of your system drink a lot of water, I mean like cups a day. Sobe' Green Tea is also great.
How long does Marijuana take to show up on a drug test - The Psyc...?
say you are completely clean, and you take 1 hit. itll take up to a week to get out of your system. if you are completely clean and you smoke a joint, id say it would take at least a week to get out. no way to say for sure, but i would thin...

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If you are having a blood and urine drug test for insurance, How long does marijuana show up on the tests?
A: It takes about a month to get marijuana outta your systemSo if this is gonna be a problem for you I suggest you take water pills..and drink lots and lots of water..or take someone else's pee, or cancel lolgood luck
when you get your blood drawn at the doctors without a drug test, does marijuana show up?
Q: My friend is sick, and i told her to stop smoking weed a long time ago, but she still does it. she is worried she'll be caught.
A: take my word for it, i was in the military and had random drug tests all the time. being friends with the doctors that did the tests, here is what i learned. when you have your blood drawn they have to pay to check out certain things, for example, cholestrol, diseases....etc. to check for the presence of drugs they have to run certain tests on the blood. a doctors office wont pay the extra money to check this if they don't have to. a court order can make them, but i wouldnt worry about it. unless she is a minor she has nothing to worry about anyways because of patient/doctor confidentiality laws. so in conclusion the answer is no. your friends mom i think can however ask the doctors to check for drugs, at her expense, if she is under 18
when would marijuana not show up on a drug test?
Q: a question on my bio homework.a 165 lb 18 year old has never smoked before. he takes on hit. how long would it take for the marijuana to not show up on a urine drug test?
A: lol that's no bio homework. If "this person" is not a chronic weed smoker and just takes one hit it will be out of his system in alot less then 30 days. probably 3-7 days max. Depend on the potency of the weed to and if this person eats a high fat diet. Especially the day this person smoked.

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