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How long does it take marijuana to flower

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Seems like 7-12 weeks is the general consensus. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-it-take-marijuana-to-flower ]
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How long does it take for marijuana plants to flower??
normally 8 weeks, but can be anywhere from 4-20 weeks.
How long does it take to flower after switching to 12/12 - Mariju...?
My current grow switched over in just about one week. Of course they are the variety called FLO and they had been growing nearly 2 months before I made the switch. OK so I have to mention that they all turned female, 4/4. I just had to rub ...
How long do clones take till put in flower - Stoner Forums - A Ma...?
I disagree with this. As mentioned above, there are many differing conditions and envrionmental factors involved. We PLAN on our clones taking 3 weeks so as to get a big root ball. Actually, its been our experience that clones that are tran...

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How long should it take to recognize the male from female plants when flowering marijuana?
Q: Please - No negative opinions on marijuana use- don't need 'em. ThanksI do live in a legal state, and am completely legal- and growing for medicinal purposes.
A: Once plants have been flipped to 12/12, you should see indications of sex in a week or two. Males will develop small rounded oblong pods that somewhat resemble broccoli at the leaf nodes. Females will develop longer, more slender pods with two white hairs (pistils) protruding from them.
How long do marijuana plants take to get to full grown bud?
Q: Once the plants are in the flowering stage and small buds are appearing, how long do the buds take to get to full grown?
A: Generally, 6 to 8 weeks from start of blooming to ripe, more often 8 weeks. Some strains take longer, but practically none take less time. If you are seeing small buds, you've probably been blooming for 2 to 3 weeks. You've probably got 5 to 6 weeks to go.
how long does marijuana last after its flowered does it have a n experation date??
A: wait 2 weeks after it starts flowering when 2/3 of the buds have orange to brown pistols coming off of them. Weed can expire if it is infected with mold and also if you harvest the weed then don't keep in in the light or in warm conditions for two long. I'd say ou can keep weed in a container for about 2 months before you have to worry about it losing potency.

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