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How long does cotinine stay in your system

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Cotinine is found in urine from 2 to 4 days after tobacco use. It is a by-product of nicotine. ChaCha all night! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-cotinine-stay-in-your-system ]
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How long does cotinine stay in your system?
Cotinine which is nicotine can stay in your system for at least 30 days and in some case more. It really depends on how much cotinine is in your body. This is the reason it take people so long kick the habit of smoking cigarettes.
What is cotinine?
Cotinine is created in the body of habitual smokers when nicotine is metabolized, and builds up gradually over time if smoking is done regularly. Cotinine does not break down in body fluids and has a half-life of around 17 hours, making it ...
How long does alcohol stay in your system.?
The rate that most police departments do their quick calculation on is 1.5 oz of spirits or 5 ounces of table wine or 12 oz of beer/coolers (called a standard drink) an hour and it's what they're thinking about when they ask you what you dr...

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how long doe's cotinine stay in your system after your last cigerette, i had to quit for surgery, but it tookt?
Q: i had to quit smoking for pre-surgery on my back, how long doe's it take to get the cotinine out of your system after your last cigerette?
A: I don't even know what cotinine is. Nicotine? Most of it leaves your system within 24 hours.
how long does cotinine stay in your body?
Q: i smoked 3 cigarettes on wednesday how long before it is completely out of my system
A: 48 - 96hrs for cotinine.
how long does cotinine stay in blood and urine after being around second hand smoke?
Q: I do not smoke but all of my friends do. I have to take a blood and urine test on saturday for cotinine for my health insurance. I just read that cotinine can get in your system just from second hand smoke.
A: Cotinine has an in vivo half life of approximately 20 hours, and is typically detectable for several days to up to one week after the use of tobacco. The level of cotinine in the blood is proportionate to the amount of exposure to tobacco smoke, so it is a valuable indicator of tobacco smoke exposure, including secondary (passive) smoke. People who smoke menthol cigarettes may retain cotinine in the blood for a longer period because menthol can compete with cotinine enzymatic metabolism. Genetic encoding of liver enzymes may also play a role, as black people routinely register higher blood cotinine levels than white people. Several variable factors, such as menthol cigarette preference and puff size, suggest that the explanation for this difference may be more complex than gender or race.

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