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How long do mouth swabs test for weed

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About 14-21 days. Marijuana is a fat soliuble drug which means that it stays in your fat cells. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-do-mouth-swabs-test-for-weed ]
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How Long Does It Take For A Swab Mouth Test To Detect For Weed??
Anything between a week and two weeks depending on your last contact with it and that could mean just as passive smoke, so be careful out there.
Can U Test Positive For Weed In Using The Mouth Swab If So How Lo...?
Yes because it is in your system even if you only had just one. Your hair can detect weed that is how GOOD it is. Good luck at what ever reason you are having this test for but if you fail , SMOKE ONE FOR ME!
How accurate is the swab test for marijuana?
in my experience, not very. i took one as a pre-employment requirement, after smoking heavily for 3 days during a going away party before i moved. i wasn't aware at the time that a test would be required so i was freaking out. the company d...

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how long does it take for you to be able to pass a mouth swab drug test!!???
Q: Im only 5'9 and like 135 pounds... i just started smoking weed? its been like 1.5 months at the most and i have only smoked like 4 times, and a fair amount. but i just realized i needed a job and they give you an oral mouth swab drug test, how long should it take till i can apply for the job/how long will it take to be clean...?is there anything i can do to help?and also if it wasnt a mouth swab test, is there a big difference in time if it were a urine test??someone help ASAP!thanks
A: Im 99% positive you willpass the test. just last Friday night i smoked weed and 2 days ago i had a mouth swab test for work, all i did was rinse my mouth with wouthwash for about 2minutes right before i walked in and then rinsed my mouth with water and i passed, so if it has been a month and a half you should definetly pass. i have read that mouth swab tests only go back some 10 hours. hope i have helped.
How long does weed stay in your saliva?
Q: I researched my question on Yahoo! Answers and found tons of answers but I'm not sure. Some people say it lasts UP to 30 days, some say it depends on your metabolism and some say just a few days. Does anyone know for sure how long? I may have a cotton mouth swab test in a couple days. Should I buy pills/drinks at a vitamin store to be sure? Last time I smoked was this past Friday (a few hits) and before that, was about a month. Please help!!!
A: Last time you smoked for the average smokerthis is from experience and a lot of advice, i do a varsity sport for ncaa and have an internship in NYC so I get tested a lot, this is what i have been toldLast time you smoked, for an infrequent smokerSaliva test: 2 days ago (POSITIVE) 3-4 (POSSIBLE) 5+(NEGATIVE)Urine test: 6 days ago (POSITIVE) 7-12 (POSSIBLE) 12+(NEGATIVEyou should be fine, my advice would be to floss, make sure nothing is still in your mouth at the time you smoked, and brush very well. There are things you can buy online that clean your mouth out and stop saliva production for about an hour, but I think you are fine and that would be excessive in your case. Good luck and i hope this helped, no need to worry is my advice
How long does it take for weed to get out of your system?
Q: I am not an avid drug used/abuser. I smoked weed about a month ago for the first time in over 2 years. Today I had a mouth swab drug test, was wondering how likely it is for the THC and all that stuff to still be in my system?
A: Urine Test - takes 2-4 weeksSwab Drug Test - 4-8 weeksBlood Test - about 6 monthsHair Drug Test - like a year..Since you don't smoke alot, you should be safe.. no problem.Good luck ♥

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