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How high can you get smoking marijuana

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The 'high' obtained from marijuana is different for everyone, and changes every time. Drug abuse can result in death. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-high-can-you-get-smoking-marijuana ]
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Can you get high from smoking marijuana seeds?
yes but it will taste horrible and you have to smoke alot of seeds. <if you dont know, you have to crush the seeds b4 you smoke them> if i were you i would plant them and grow my own weed
Why dont i get high from smoking marijuana?
The lot of you need to grow up and pull your heads out your butt and educate yourself before you open your mouths. Where not in church or school or your parents house. "don't do drugs, there bad! you'll die!" psshhh yea maybe that...
Can people get high from smoking marijuana leaves??
yeah, all parts of the plant have some part of thc in it. stems and seeds included. Buying leaves is actually pretty good sometimes, you can get about 7 grams of leaves which is equal to about a quarter of weed for 10$ here, and im sure it ...

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When do you start getting high smoking marijuana?
Q: I've already smoked it 2 times, each time taking 3 hits. I have not really felt high though. Any ideas of what I am doing wrong or what is happening?
A: you arent inhaling correctly. take a hit, breath in air, take another hit, breath in air.. hold it... then exhale... do that 3 times and then try and tell me you ain't high
How can you control yourself to be smart after being high smoking marijuana?
Q: I know some people can do it and i would like to know how. When i get high it gets the best of me and i would like to control it.
A: It makes you stupid not smart.Not a very smart question to begin with.It makes growth as a person stop.Makes you sit on the couch thinking a twinkie is hilarious. Which can be fun but that's no way to spend a life.
why does my heart beat fast when im high on smoking marijuana? is that bad? can it kill you?
Q: why does my heart beat fast when im high on smoking marijuana?
A: A side effect of marijuana is a slightly increased heart rate. This isn't something you should be concerned about as it's not harmful. It doesn't cause palpitations or murmurs or anything like that. Just a slightly increased heart rate for a little while, nothing more, nothing less.The current death toll directly due to marijuana ingestion: 0

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