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How does weed hurt you

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Weed damages brain cells in your frontal lobe, its corrosive to the teeth, and obviously damages your lungs. Cha Cha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-does-weed-hurt-you ]
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Does weed hurt you ?
Smoke of any kind is not good for the lungs. Pot may be less harmful than tobacco, but it still isn't good for you. If you must have it, make Alice B. Toklas brownies. They work well and can't be harmful that I've ever heard of. But beware,...
Does smoking weed while pregnant hurt the baby??
i smoked before i got prego and its okay,, it did show up in the test at the dr's because it stays in your body for 30 days,or more but stop if you think you are and wait until you know for sure.
How can smoking weed hurt you?
It can forever destroy brain cells, the one cell in your body you cannot grow back EXCEPT through stem cell research.

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How Badly Does Weed Hurt Brain Cells?
Q: Somebody told me that smoking weed destroys your brain cells. How bad can it hurt them or effect you?
A: The reason that it's called 'stoned is because doctors made the observation that a weed smokers brain looks like it has had rocks thrown at it. I have seen so many people who are not even 20 but can't talk like they used to anymore because they used weed. They're slow and no body likes them.
Does using a butane lighter to smoke weed hurt your lungs?
Q: i always use a good butane lighter to smoke my bong/bowl. i was wondering if the fumes and smoke from the lighter, being inhaled with the pot smoke of coarse, would hurt my lungs. I know some people use a flaming string thinger, perhaps that is better for you?
A: the butane fumes aren't a huge deal, but they are bad for you. some alternatives include beeline (i think they have a website) and glass rods that you heat up and then use on it (you can buy some from roor i think).
What makes people think that weed does not hurt your lungs?
Q: Any one that smokes weed knows that tar is one of the major after affects from smoking it. How in the world makes people think it not going to hurt there lungs. You know that tar used for building roofs. There is not much difference between the 2. Why do roofers have a 45 year life expectancy. I cant stand some of the stupid answers people use here sometimes. Even common sense will tell you some not right with them.
A: It really doesn't screw up your lungs nearly as much as tobacco as long as you're not doing gravity bong hits and smoking blunts all day. I'm not sure why it doesn't, actually. I've heard it stimulates your lungs to clean themselves, which seems plausible. I've also heard that marijuana tar isn't as harmful as tobacco tar, and it's removed from your lungs more easily.I've seen this in real life too. My best friend, like me, is a pretty big pothead, and, like me, he's never touched tobacco in his life. He's also our school's fastest track runner. His lungs and overall fitness are in amazing shape. Meanwhile, I see people who smoke tobacco but think weed is a horrible, harmful drug, and they're coughing constantly and hacking up stuff that should never come out of your lungs. I'm actually gonna look this up now. I'm curious why it happens.....

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