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How does pseudoephedrine get you high

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Pseudoephedrine doesn't get you high but some side effects are nervousness, restlessness and excitability. Overdose is possible. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-does-pseudoephedrine-get-you-high ]
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Will these pseudoephedrine/ diphenhydramine get me high??
Your medications are certainly beyond the 'technical' expiration date and they are probably on the verge of being useless or causing problems. But I doubt the pills would get you high at all. The pseudoephedrine is good for congestion and f...
Can you get high from pseudoephedrine?
If you take enough you will be sped up a little, but pseudo's vasoconstricting effects outweigh the relatively small CNS effects. In other words you'll eventually have a stroke or seizure.
Can I get high from Pseudoephedrine? It's a decongestant.??
NOOO! I will explain. Okay. What you want is called Dextromethorphan. You'll want something like Delsum, or Coricidine Cough & Cold. Those are the easiest. Little red pills that taste like candy. I warn you though, its like Ketamine mee...

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