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How does it feel to be on Ecstasy

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When on Ecstasy, you feel excited, confident and full of energy. Colours and sounds seem more intense. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-does-it-feel-to-be-on-ecstasy ]
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How does Ecstasy make you feel?
It's kind of hard to explain. It's not a body buzz like marijuana, meth, or pain killers. It mostly affects your perception. It's like you're in a bubble. Like you can see what's around you and everything is still there, but you just feel k...
What Does Ecstasy Feel Like?
It feels like this drunk happy dream that you never want to leave. Like no matter what happens, nothing in any way can bring you down or make you sad. Its the MOST AMAZING feeling I have ever experienced. Once you do it one time you'll wish...
How does ecstasy feel?
Ectasy feels great. You feel like the best and most attractive loving person in the world. Some make you sweat, others make you want to dance, etc. HOWEVER! and listen to me. It is better to never try it! After you try it you will want it e...

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what does it feel like to be on ecstasy?
Q: i need to know because im doing a project on ecstasy.
A: high
What does ecstasy make you feel like?
Q: I want to try ecstasy and I am wondering it makes you feel like. Like what are your thoughts and feelings?
A: your a complete and utter moron
How does ecstasy make you feel? What exactly does it do?
Q: I was just wondering because ive talked to depressed people who have done it before and they are saying that they were able to see the meaning of life when they were on it. And when they aren't. They can't and life seems meaningless. I don't understand at all. What does ecstasy really do both physically, mentally and spiritually?
A: First of all it depends on what it was cut with. Just about every pill will feel different because it is cut with different drugs. It's actually really common to get a pill that is just meth.As for what it feels like...It's pretty hard to describe. Physically you just feel complete euphoria. You feel pleasant vibrations through your body and everything that touches you feels great.Mentally you feel really happy about everything. You also feel kind of vulnerable though, it's kind of like tripping almost. You will generally feel really connected to everyone emotionally and if you are on it with other people you will likely be having really in depth meaningful conversations that you wouldn't have if you were sober.Spiritually? Meh, you just feel really good. So you do kind of think you know the meaning of life I guess, since you feel so perfect at the time.But then you're usually depressed after it's all done, and possibly have HPPD(visual disorder) afterwards. It will also make you really slow (mentally) with frequent usage.

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