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How do you tell if someone is snorting pills

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Physical signs of abuse and addiction for snorted drugs include chronic troubles with sinusitis or nosebleeds. Thanks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-tell-if-someone-is-snorting-pills ]
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How can you tell if someone is still snorting pills after they sa...?
Well, I know many people, aswell as myself, who have done drugs and abused pills. If he was strongly addicted then the behavior that he showed in the past, which you may have thought was normal, was actually his mood on the pills. If he is ...
Can a drug test tell the difference between snorted Oxycontin and...?
No. either way, it's in your system. they can't tell how it got there.
How long does it take to get high from snorting pills?
WikiAnswers does not answer this sort of question. Snorting pills is :- ・ 1) illegal ・ 2) dangerous to your health (you could die)

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My son is snorting pills because im finding dollar bills rolled up and such, can the doc confirm this?
Q: Rolled bills, straws...i just need to make sure before i ask so can i tell or the doctors tell physically?
A: Hi,Home drug kits may not be all that effective since they don't detect a lot of drugs. I suggest taking him the doctor and ask him to do a GC/MS (Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry) test. That will tell you exactly what he has been taking.Hope this helps,AJNB: If you do decide to use a home drug testing kit, be aware that certain medications can give false positives for illicit drugs. Eg. Sudafed can give a false positive for amphetamines
Snorting diet pills??
Q: My friends younger stap brother was telling me that he snorts diet pills. What happens whaen somebody does that? Is that dangerous? He is 18 so I can't really tell him not to but I would like to know what it does.
A: hhhhm.... is that like snorting asprin? why would you do it?
what do snorting pain pills do a unborn baby?
Q: my daughter is a drug attict, she snorts perecets and lortabs up her nose all the time she takes xanax, and smokes pot please tell me what this can do to the baby she is caring
A: You might want to place her in rehab for her pregnancy. Just taking a Over the Counter Medicine like Advil can harm your baby's development. My mother did Crack or something on that level when she was pregnant with me- I never knew her as I was adopted - and it messed up my nervous system, I shake real bad, and I ended up with alot of chemical imbalances that required medication including ADHD. I'm pretty normal for the most part but I was a bit slower than most people when it came to thinking and social skills.

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