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How do you stop your high

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Some ways to help you come down a little faster include getting some rest and drinking fluids like water or orange juice. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-stop-your-high ]
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How to stop getting high?
LoL....kick it wit me and you'll forget. LoL! Seriously, try to find something to do when you want to smoke. Relieve some stress by having sex with your girl or chewing gum. Go exercise or have a drink instead.
How can I stop feeling high?
Yeah, stop smoking pot. If you want to come down faster eat something. The less you smoke it the lower your resistance to it and vice versa- the more you smoke the more you need to get high. Just go eat something in the fridge and you'll co...
Can someone stop taking high blood pressure medicine??
Yes you can but, however you must always let your Dr. know that those are your intentions. If you , after monitoring your blood pressures at home see that they are well under the norm, let's say 100/60 then consider talking to your doctor...

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A: I find it really hard to wear heels, because im using to wearing flat shoes. I know they they are thinking of doing collagen injections into the balls of the feet, to reduce the pain. Im not sure what else you can try. Grin and bear it!I only wear heels if it is a necessity. Its so painful, i dont know people walk in those things.
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A: You can do it one of two ways, & your dad should do it, not you, although you could go with him if you wanted. Go to the support office that holds the case, in person. Take proof, like the birth certificate & HS diploma, to show that you are now over 18 & out of HS. If the support was supposed to stop at 18 or HS grad date, and this is not back support, then that should be sufficient. If it is back support he is paying on, there is no way to stop it until it is paid in full, no matter how old you get. The cs agency should update their records accordingly, tell the employer to stop, and make your mom return anything that she got that she wasn't supposed to. If the cs agency won't play ball, or tells you that you have to involve the court, you'll have to go back to court and take your proof to them instead. But the cs office will be able to tell you if this is back or current support that is being garnished at least, and how big the back balance is if there is one.

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