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How do you make black tar heroin

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Black tar heroin is made by acetylating opium, bypassing the extraction of morphine.Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-make-black-tar-heroin ]
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How do you make black tar herion?
go find the local mexicans or hondo's and you set
Can you drink black tar heroin?
Sure u should try it. Let me know what happens and how u feel afterwards.
Can you snort black tar heroin?
Easy, take the tar, take 2 drops of water, and dissolve the dope on a plate/mirror. Smear it around with ur finger till it all dissovles, takes 30 secs usually. Take a hair dryer and dry up the water, the take a razor blade and SCRAPE the d...

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What happened to the people featured in the 1999 documentary "Black Tar Heroin"?
Q: Does anybody know what ended up happening to the heroin addicts in the 1999 documentary "Black Tar Heroin"?http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Tar_Heroin_(film)There were some rumblings that a follow up was done, but I can't seem to find it. I'm interested to know who lived/recovered and who did not.
A: found this on imdbjake eventually quit heroin and went on methadone, but he felt so much pressure to get off of methadone he ended up going back to heroin and overdosing. he's deceased.tracy cleaned up. her boyfriend that was shooting up in his neck overdosed.nobody knows what happened to jessicaoreos girlfriend overdosed. the other girl has been clean for a while.and i forgot the rest. oreos girlfriend is dead from overdosing. tracys ex boyfriend is dead from overdosing.oreo disappeared. no one knows what happened to him.tracy went to school and became a counselor.
What is the difference between oxycontin and black tar heroin?
Q: Is heroin stronger than oxycontin? Can you get high by smoking oxycontin?
A: Sounds like you just want to get high. Try black tar heroin and watch your life go down the drain fast. It is one of the most addictive substances out there and can get you arrested a lot faster then abusing a pain med. Not that I think you should do either but you did ask.And if this is for a legitimate injury/problem, no doctor I know of is going to prescribe or suggest an illegal, highly addictive substance over a legal-to-prescribe medication.
what is the difference between black tar heroin and opium?
A: They are completely different. Opium is "mellower" and kinder to your body. It is usually smoked. Heroin, no matter what kind, is a more refined version and is a "harder" drug. They are both addictive narcotics from the same exact plant.

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