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How do you grow magical mushrooms

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The first step to growing mushrooms is placing a mixture of brown rice flour & vermiculite, in canning jars to sterilize w/ heat! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-grow-magical-mushrooms ]
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How do you grow "magic mushrooms?
The easiest way to get into this is by using the pf tek method. It costs very little and produces good results. First, go to youtube and watch the four part series, "let's grow mushrooms pf tek" (i think that's what it's called)...
Where do magic mushrooms grow?
Some of the best mushies are available in Kent around Cranbrook and Goudhurst. I have also heard parts of Wales are very good too. Usually you can find them in sheep fields. They are not around for long. About the end of September for a mon...
How to growing magic mushrooms at home?
To grow your own magic mushrooms at home, really, the only thing you'll need to buy is the mushroom spores. You are going to have to inoculate and incubate the spores, prepare the substrates, transfer the incubated spores to the final subst...

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how long does it take to grow mushrooms from spores?
Q: i know you can buy the spores online for the magical variety. i'm asking hypothetically and not condoning or using drugz
A: it varies ~depndant on a whole range of factors~warmth ~moisture ,viability of the spores,the growing mediumthis should help~>http://www.exoticmushrooms.co.uk/growingmushrooms.html2 to 3 months is the growing timea video of how tohttp://www.exoticmushrooms.co.uk/growingmushrooms.htmlhope this helps
If i bought cow manure put it in a plastic container under my house would it grow magical shrooms?
Q: i no u need spores can u use any mushroom spore u want or does it hav to be specifically "magical" mushroom spores?this is all for curiousity the topic came up in random conversation with my friends i have no intentinons of growing mushroom on the account i do no that they are toxic and if grown the slight bit wrong can have very harmful if not fatal consequences. i was jus wondering if buying manure and pourin it on the ground would produce the same results from cow pastures
A: A spore will create the same mushroom that it came from. Psilocibin Mushrooms are a specific type of fungus. Most cows are fed salt which inhibits the growth of mushrooms.Most states consider what you are planning felony manufacturing.Given your inexperience, I would not suggest you do this without someone who knows mushrooms. The majority of mushrooms are toxic, and it can be hard to tell the safe ones apart.You'd be better off just to stick to buying them.
I'm Interested in Magical Mushrooms?
Q: i'm interested in them, do they grow in northern kentucky? email me if you know about them...
A: It takes a real expert to tell the difference between a Magic (psilocybin) Mushroom and a poisonous one.A poisonous one can cause certain and very miserable death.The Magic ones are illegal in all 50 states (Schedule 1 felony) and most of the rest of the world.Your best bet: find a dealer you TRUST. And I mean trust with your life, if you want to keep your screen-name from being ironic. Or, travel to the Netherlands, where the fresh variety are still available in "smart shops." The dried one are more potent but are now not supposed to be sold there.Good luck. -- Start with a small dose. -- If you are having a bad time, remember that they'll wear off.

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