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How do you get off a high

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Different drugs have different effects. In general, the only thing that cures a "high" is time. ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-get-off-a-high ]
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How To Get High Off Household Items?
Well theres Robitussin, benadryl, and dramamine (dramamine might make u think theres cats in your feet or something) the best would probably be Morning Glory seeds but make sure you find some that dont have chemicals on them. They will say ...
What can you get high off of?
Let me put a disclaimer on this - i am a nurse and i worked in pharmacy for about 5 years..... ok... unfortunately there is a significant problem with pseudoephedrine products. These include the likes of demazin and sudafed. The drug itself...
How can i get high off household products?
pour all your household products down the sink and then go outside and breathe the fresh air......

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How to get high off of Oxycodone*APAP?
Q: I have a bottle of 5mg tablets of Percocet/Oxycodone*APAP.~How many pills would be needed to get you high?~How do you have to take these pills? (Swallow? Chew?)
A: It depends on ur tolerance and knowledge of this med.. U obviously dont know much about 'perks'.. So start off slow, also, ur stupid 2wanna get high off them.. U'll ruin ur life..Trust me I know..
ALL the different ways to get a high off Damiana?
Q: Hi,I recently heard that you can get a relaxing high off smoking damiana leaf and I was just wondering where I can get it. I would like to buy at a store and not on the internet. How old do you have to be to purchase it? If there is a pill form at a store or any other form are they able to be smoked also? Thanks!!
A: hugs not drugs
Can you get high off of Diflunisal?
Q: I have 500mg of Diflunisal...is this any use to either snort or sell?i realize it's illegal and I don't plan on doing such a thing.
A: No, it has no recreational drug type effects.

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