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How do you get high on air duster

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Huffing or inhaling air duster is how people get high. It has effects similar to alcohol intoxication. It can be very dangerous. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-get-high-on-air-duster ]
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Can you die from using air duster to get high??
Yes Yes and Yes! Inhalants are a class of drug which can result in death from the FIRST time you use it! Not only that but that are linked to severe head trauma and bodily injury from passing out and falling. Not only that , the propellants...

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Can you die from using air duster to get high?
Q: My boyfriend and his friends are really into drugs and the other night they had me try air duster. could i die from that?
A: yes you can die from it
How do you huff air duster, adn what are the effects of it, what are you like when you get high off of it?
Q: How do you huff air duster, what are people like when they are on it like whats it do to you, and than what are the negative effects? And dont worry im not gonna do it im not stupid ive seen the movie thirteen lol and i would never wanna end up like that girl. So dont be like dont do it, cause im not.
A: You can either suck it thru tha mouth or breathe it thru tha nose. Ppl basically feel numb and may laugh and may think sounds echo (when listening to fast music) I've known Of ppl who have actually died from it but i nvr knew ne1 myself that died off duster. Dont do it! j.k u said u werent il leave u alone bout it!
I got high off air duster? Can this kill me?
Q: So i went with my friend and we got the bottle of air duster..the stuff for the keyboarrd. and then we say there and huffed it.i huffed a lot of it...about like 15 huffsand after i did it i felt all tingly and like WOAHH.could this kill me if i like fell asleep or sumthing?i also took 10 sleeping pills! wat could this do to me.i took 10 unisom sleeping pills.please answer! i kno im stupid
A: Yes the duster can kill you and that many sleeping pills can cause you to stop breathing

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