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How do people get high off spray paint

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People get high off of spray paint by spraying the paint out and then inhaling the fumes. It is quite dangerous and illegal. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-people-get-high-off-spray-paint ]
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How can you get high off of spray paint?
It is not worth the risk. Inhaling solvents can prove to be fatal. It can cause instant death.

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Can you get HIGH OFF SPRAY PAINT...lmaooo metallic gold?
Q: Hey, I just finished my sisters project. Haven't slept and think im now high, I went outside to spray the pyramid (asked lots of question about that stupid things) but it was snowing and soo windy :PI blocked my nose with my hand, but damm I feel like I can taste it... and cuz its snowing I had to bring it inside.. i put it in the basement but I feel as if I can taste it hahaI'm just dizzy right now, but I told my sisters to ask my older brother to drive her to school, cuz im tired (being up all nite) and plus I think I might have a slight high. LoL Can people get high of spray paint? How do you know?ps- can i get sick from this, obv it's not good for my health, but anything to serious??? Next time i'll def use a mask.. at the least a scarf :PThanks.thanks 'frank' but i dont want to get hightnot enough time to enjoy th buzz lolbut i'll keep that in mind :P
A: Ugh you are going to get a headache from it once your buzz wears off :/ lol. I got high off of the spray fixative in art class many times (NOT on purpose!) lolBut really, nothings going to happen to you. People die or pass out when they are "huffing" it, and it happens during the act, not way after.
I think I accidentally got high off spray paint?
Q: Well, I was spray painting for a graffiti project on my garage wall. I was wearing a mask and the garage was open. A wasp hit nailed me in the mask (I guess I irritated the wasp) but it didn't go threw the mask and actually hit me. So I freaked out, drop my mask, and ran inside. The next thing I knew, everything was really, really clear, and I felt kinda dizzy.I may have sniffed to much on accident (I was in there a good hour before I ran out), could I be in health danger? I'm just kinda worried it could do something since inhalants are diffidently not good for you.
A: are you sure it's not a reaction to the wasp sting?
i got high off spray paint.?
Q: howjk long does bthe affect last
A: why?

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