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How do I smoke crystal meth

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You want to have a pipe in order to smoke it. Put it in the pipe and light the pipe where the crystal meth is sitting. Inhale MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-i-smoke-crystal-meth ]
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How do you smoke crystal meth?
go on youtube and look it up there.. don't do it, its very addicting, once you try it.. your usually instantly addicted
When I smoke crystal meth I urinate a lot and very frequently. Wh...?
Crystal meth in itself doesn't make you urinate more often. Your body is constantly filtering out pollutants and waste material and it doesn't kick into overdrive just because there are more pollutants. You will, however, produce a more pot...
What happens when you smoke crystal meth?
It has bad effects like nose bleeds, inflammation of the mucous lining the nose and infections.

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Why when I smoke crystal meth does my penis get really small?
Q: When I smoke crystal meth (ice) my penis goes really small like I just swam in really cold water. Anyone know why this is?And why does sex feel so much better and last so much longer when I smoke meth.And why do people think that expressing their opinions on things they know nothing about is better than answering my question?
A: beacause your smoking a disgusting drug, and your penis is sending you a HUGE MESSAGE, it is shouting "SEX IS BETTER THAN DRUGS!"now give up the f u c k i n g ice and go out and see of your penis still worksseriouslygirls, sex, pussy, tittys? yummmmmy!
Can a person smoke crystal meth for a few months and then stop without intervention and not be addicted?
Q: I am worried about my 25 year old daughter. We were told by one of her friends, who has gone into a recovery program, that our daughter smokes crystal meth. She doesn't know that we know. She still lives at home w/ both parents and a 20 year old brother. She was diagnosed as being bipolar & ADD. Her father and I have never seen the "real her", so it is hard to know if it's drugs or being manic. We located a live-in recovery home w/ 12 step program & is linked w/ a great church. We were going to do an intervention but now we don't know if she is still using, since she has been better the last few weeks. It will soon be Christmas & we thought it would be better to wait after the new year. She has always been secretive and never really talks w/ us, also she lies constantly, so rationally talking to her isn't possible. She uses confrontation to make any such communication impossible. Could she have stopped using? Do we need further proof of her drug usage to send her to a recovery program?
A: Dr. Phil would say that you are enabling her to have an addiction and to maintain that addiction by allowing her to stay in the home. They are able to continue their drug use because you are furnishing everything that is needed at a basic level (food, shelter, safety). First, you should talk to a good counselor. At 25, she is old enough to be on her own and cannot be forced into a treatment program anyway. Most of the time a person will maintain an addiction until they hit "rock bottom" or get a "wake up call". My sister was a meth addict and didn't stop until she was arrested. If she is bi-polar then she should be on an antidepressant and mood stabilizer that should be stopping her manic phases. If she is not on her meds then that is an area of concern. But again you can only suggest you can't force someone to take their meds. Some bi-polar people don't take their meds because they are addicted to the high from the mania stage. Is she in counseling? If you said she has been better for weeks then the changes you have seen my be due to the bi-polar. Bi-polar is a lifelong illness and must be controlled by medication at all times. This website gives a good list of signs of meth use http://www.adolescent-substance-abuse.com/signs-meth.html. Alot of the signs are similar to a person in mania with bi-polar. Good luck!
I know some people that do drugs and smoke crystal meth?
Q: Well i dont really know them, i know OF them. they are just an aquantance and they go to a different school thats very close to my school. Girl A drinks, smokes weed;; and Girl B smokes crystal meth and she looks really ugly and old but shes only 14?? Should i tell someone.....? And Girl A has a little sister thats like only 13 and smokes cigarretes... Its not really any of my business but seriously?
A: You're exactly right. It is none of your business. They are not your responsibility, and intruding into other peoples lives and trying to "help" them when you're not welcome is just plain wrong. I feel really bad for meth girl, but it's nobodies business but theirs, live with it.I can only speak for people I know, but drug users generally respect non-users choices to not use drugs. Show them the same courtesy.

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