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How do I get off meth

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For many, meth use seems to be a means of averting emotional and/or physical pain by providing the user with a temporary ..more? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-i-get-off-meth ]
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How to Get Off a Meth Addiction
Methamphetamine--also known as speed, meth or crystal--boosts dopamine in the brain, resulting in euphoria. Long-term use of this highly addictive drug leads to tolerance, sleep deprivation and...
A urinalysis will tell if a person is using meth. An individual may go to a treatment center of some kind. In treatment, clients are given tranquilizers to bring them down fast. Afterwards, they are prescribed antidepressants to regulate th...
Is there a pill to help get off meth.?
Desoxyn (Desoxyephedrine) Pharmaceutical D-Methamphetamine if you're trying to ween your way off, but I highly doubt any doctor would prescribe it for meth cessation. You just have to bite the bullet and expect to feel depressed for a coupl...

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Does anyone know of a good energy booster for someone coming off meth?
Q: How does meth affect the B12 in ur system? Is guanara a good herbal supplement for energy?
A: I've been a user since 1999, so I should know. Rest is the most important thing to get when coming off of meth. However, you should supplement your diet with vitamins and the herb thing is definately not a bad idea! What most of these people fail to realize is that although you'll feel a little better after a few weeks, you still will not have the energy that you have before. I have a friend who hasn't used for over a year and it seems that he will NEVER be the same as far as having energy to do the things he did before ever using. My advice to you is to try out different herbs and see what works best for you!
What is the jamba juice drink that gives you the effects of the drug meth that helped the man get off it?
Q: Does anyone know of the jamba juice drink that gives you the effects of the drug meth? It was in the news a while back. this drink helped a man who was addicted to meth get off it. And my friend wants to know if it will work for him.
A: I think a hospital is the place for him. However.........its the Green Tea Macha that is reputed to help. I doubt if it really works, but it's worth a shot.
Need help with meth addiction. My boyfriend wants me to help him stay off meth but we are trying without rehab?
Q: Just wondering if anyone has been through this and if you have any tips to help. We can't afford for him to go to rehab. He has been clean for 4 days and has used for almost a year. I'm worried he will go back to using.
A: it's hard without professional help. he needs to find out what his "trigger" is for why he uses. there's usually an underlying cause other than how the drug makes someone feel physically. many people either have to hit rock bottom or go through multiple relapses before getting clean. the first answer gave some good advise for resources.

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