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How can you tell your high after smoking weed

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The main mind-altering (psychoactive) ingredient in marijuana is THC, which is what gets you high after smoking weed. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-tell-your-high-after-smoking-weed ]
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How do you increase your high after smoking weed?
I wanna know the same thing. I heard mangos do the trick. I'm trying tomorrow.
How long it takes to get high after smoking weed?
when you inhale, hold it in ur lungs for a few seconds then let it go and you'll be high in a few mintues...it won't be that long to get high. if it's your 1st time, then you prolly won't get high which is normal for their 1st time.
Will smoking weed get you high?
Silly people - of COURSE it makes you high, but not like opiates do. IF you've ever watched a TV show and they have a slo-motion effect that's what the world appears to be like. Everything moving at a different speed. It doesn't make you st...

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How can I tell if someone is high from smoking weed?
Q: I know my friend does it, but how can I tell if he's high or not? What are some big things to look for?
A: He's really hungry, his eyes are red, he laughs a lot, he says things that are out of the ordinary, he suddenly gets nervous about things, he hears noises and becomes paranoid, he has a hard time focusing, his blood pressure is elevated, he's extremely tired, he feels heavy, he's thirsty...Just look for things that are out of the ordinary. He would probably smell like weed too.Or just go for the obvious and ask him.
Can someonme tell me the effects of smoking weed / gettin high ..like what does it feel like to get high ??
Q: ok so i wanna know what are the benefits of beinmg high on weed... and what are some of the effects/feelings that u get when ur high ??? And is it true that when ur high .... things seem a lot funnier and you laugh at alomost anything u see.... ??? Just wanna know ..and also listenin to trance music while ur high ..is it a good thing ??
A: My answer to a similar question:Ok what do you feel when you smoke weed?->Usually it depends on who I'm with and what my mood was before I got high.Sometimes I get really stupid and laugh at everything and its mother, because everything is just so funny to me && I say the stupidest things.Other times I can get really paranoid about getting caught or the police finding me. But no matter what I'm never sad. I'm either laughy, paranoid, or chill and relaxed.Does it burn your throat?->No. It might burn your lungs though, and you'll cough a lot but thats normal when you first start smokin weed. Make sure you have some water or juice on hand. The more weed you smoke the less you will cough, well in most cases. lol I know some HUGE stoners that still cough if they take too big of a hit lol.What does it feel like when you get high?->Gooood! I love it. I'm usually just so happy and chill and I don't care about any of the stuff thats goin on it my life.Turn on some Bob Marley & Sublime and everything will be ever better!!And what are interesting ways to smoke it ?->Well my favorite way to smoke it is out of a pipe, around 5 inches (because I hate fire from lighters by my face) but you can also roll joints and blunts. Or you can smoke out of a bong (I don't usually like that because I have tiny lungs lol && bongs can give you some FAT hits) I wouldn't suggest smokeing out of a bong till you've smoked a few times.There are also things called zongs, steam rollers, you can also smoke out of an apple if you know how to make a piece out of it. And eating the apple after you're done gives you a lot more THC:Dyeahhhh!
Is it possible to still be high after 2days from smoking weed?
Q: Cus lately I've been feeling high .. and the last time i smoked weed was 2 days ago.. so yeah is it possible.. or am i just hallucinating??.. so yeah tell me !
A: Depends on what kind of a user you are?... For me when I began using it I felt like I was high on life for days after... Like it was an eye opening experience. When you smoke it enough though you can feel the hazy effects or the part that makes you "dumb" up to a couple days after so that might be it too... You should be okay... Just make sure your eating right and drinking right is all... If it persist like alot and i mean like a week after you do it you might wana conult a doctor and consider looking into diabetes or something

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