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How can you tell if someone is popping pills

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Loss of appetite, increase in appetite, any changes in eating habits, unexplained weight loss or gain. # Slowed or staggerin MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-tell-if-someone-is-popping-pills ]
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Will someone tell me what to do! Should i become anorexic or pop ...?
Look, nothing anyone is going to say on here is going to change your mind. But if you've been keeping this secret, you obviously know people don't approve of either, so the fact that you posted this you're either joking or attention-seeking...

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How can I tell if my son is popping pills?
Q: Rumor has it my son is taking pain pills recreationally. I don't know much about it or where he gets it. What are the signs to look for? I know there are tests you can buy to test for weed, but are there any for prescription drugs?
A: There are home tests, but I'd take him to his doctor and have the doctor do a hair follicle test on him. That will tell the tale of what (if anything), how much and for how long he's been using.I hope the tests are negative and this is just a nasty rumor. Mom's have a second sense about these things, so I hope you act upon what you think may be going on.
How do u pop pills? Can u get pregnant by popping pills?
Q: How do u pop pills? tell me step by step!!! someone said u can get pregnant off of popping pills, can u get pregnant off that??
A: here is step by step instructions on how to pop pills:step one: call 911step two: ask them to send an abulance to your homestep three: tell them you've been wanting to pop pills and think it will make you pregnant. tell them you would like to be hospitalized until you start making sense again.
How can i tell my mom that my brother is popping pills?
A: I think it's best to just keep it to yourself, or talk to your brother without involving your mother. If you really feel it's necessary to tell your mom, but can't bring yourself to just say it write her a letter.

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