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How can you die using cocaine

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You can die by snorting too much cocaine, or by ingesting it.If you know what an 8-ball is, a whole 8-ball will kill you. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-die-using-cocaine ]
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Did Billy Mays die from using cocaine?
Our bodies are made mostly of water, and when there is an absence of water things start to go wrong. Reports came out today that Billy Mays had cocaine in his system when he died. Though it has been stressed that Billy Mays did not die from...
What age do most people die at from using cocaine?
That can't really be answered. It doesn't have to do with age, death from cocaine would depend on the amount of time they used it and what age they started. Plus how much they used, and what state their body has been in the whole time.
Can maternal use of cocaine cause intrauterine fetal death??
The article called Cocaine, Pregnancy and Risk of Intrauterine Death, at www.wisc.edu/wissp/wisspers/dec97001.htm, stated that besides alcohol and tobacco, cocaine now is the most widely used drug during pregnancy. The article reviewed seve...

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Will I die if I used cocaine once?
Q: I'm just curious, I want to try it but I'm scared.. If I try it once will I die instantly?? Please don't preach... Thanksso my heart would be racing... which will be faster? if your on cocaine or marijuana?
A: ok...im a senior in high school and half my friends who have dropped out are now doing coke. Most of them just tried it once...then it was really good so they did it again and again. I'm not saying that you will get addicted but the chance isn't worth it. Trust me...if you try it you are going to LOVE it. Do the math...bad decisionstick to bud :D
Can heavy cocaine users die a week after heavy use? And if so how?
Q: I have had two friends die a week after they were known to have partied hard the week before. One had a "heartattack" and the second we are still waiting for results. No cocaine was found in the second friends system. Is it possible to have none is your system and it still affect you?
A: OD's happen then and there not a week after. If these where long time users above the age of 40 things just could have caught up with them. Coke and meth are really bad stuff.
can you die from over use of cocaine?
A: yes.

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