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How bad is it to smoke weed

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Some immediate physical effects of marijuana include a faster heartbeat and pulse rate, bloodshot eyes, and a dry...more [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-bad-is-it-to-smoke-weed ]
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How bad is it for me to smoke weed?
How bad is it for you? It depends on who you are, genetically speaking. Some people are susceptible to the cons of weed (like paranoia, panic attacks, depression, lung cancer, and brain issues) and some people are not. How "bad" ...
Is it bad to smoke weed?
Personally I have smoked weed daily for the last 17 years.The only side effects i have experienced have been to do with smoking it with tobacco eg. coughing, being susceptible to colds and breathlessness. Since I gave up tobacco and started...
Is it bad to smoke weed while pregnant?
It's funny how many people say it's bad. There has been nothing shown in studies of moms that only smoke pot. Moms that smoke cigs,and other factors on top of smoking pot have a risk of defects and stuff. Another thing-you're gonna get on...

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is it bad to smoke weed if you have an ulcer?
Q: i have recently found out that i have ulcers in my digestive system (ducts, esphogaus and stomach) i know its bad to smoke cigarettes.. but what about marijuana. What will it do if i continue to take medicine for the ulcer but smoke weed, also?
A: Smoking the stuff is bad for you, end of story. Give it up.
Is it bad to smoke weed out of a tinfoil bowl?
Q: I heard somewhere that smoking weed out of a bowl made of tinfoil can cause vomiting, and be bad for you? Is this true?
A: Yes. If the tin foil were ACTUALLY tin, it would be fine, but it's not tin foil it's aluminum foil.When aluminum burns it creates a highly toxic gas. If you get it hot enough you could die (that won't happen though, so if you've got no other option the occassional aluminum foil bowl won't hurt you)The problem with using aluminum foil bowls habitually is that aluminum is linked with causing alzheimers. If you make a habit of using aluminum foil for years you're essentially condemning yourself to mental illness later in life.Don't do it regularly. This should be a last resort. Either that or find some foil made from REAL tin. If they even still make that.
Is it bad to smoke weed with paper?
Q: Like regular loose leaf paper or blank receipts to smoke weed with?If its bad can you explain why you shouldnt do so; a few people i have asked said it is, but dont know why.
A: I saw someone here respond that it's safe to smoke the paper and not the weed... wrong!The bleach and other chemicals used to treat wood and produce paper can be dangerous, and if you try it out I am certain you will find that it tastes absolutely horrendous and has that "toxic fume" feeling to it.Smoke of any kind is not good for the lungs, but smoking paper that isn't designed to be smoked is definitely more dangerous than the world's favorite smoked greenery.If you do not have zig zags or an actual pipe then your safest bet is to make a pipe from a can or glass jar in some way. Aluminum foil pipes work and would be less harmful than treated paper, though aluminum foil is not the most healthy to heat and inhale fumes from either.

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