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Does tea get weed out of your system

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Tea may help, but the best way to get marijuana out of your system is to drink lots of water and exercise. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-tea-get-weed-out-of-your-system ]
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Would tea be ok to drink instead of water to get weed out of your...?
Neither gets weed residue out of your system. There are products on the market that can mask the presence of cannabinoid metabolites but any decent urinalysis will detect the use of such agents. Time is the only thing that will flush cannab...
Does green tea help you get weed out of ur system??
Green Tea. The use of green tea in cultural and traditional settings may differ from concepts accepted by current Western medicine. When considering the use of herbal supplements, consultation with a primary health care professional is advi...
What Tea Gets Weed Out Your System?
The tea is called pallo asule you have to boil it in a pot and drink 4cups then you need to drink 1gallon of water untill you start pissing alot and by the next day your system will be cleaned

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Does drinking coffee and tea help flush weed out of the system?
Q: I work at a coffee shop and I drink a LOT of coffee and tea regularly. And I smoked once about three weeks ago. Do you think it's out of my system now?any ideas to further make sure it's out my system is welcome
A: It is out of your system. If you smoke on a more regular basis then the only sure way to get it out is to exercise to boost your metabolism because THC is stored in fat.
How fast does Marijuana or weed get out of your system?
Q: Lets say hypothetically that some one who hasn't smoke weed in a month and a half smoke twice one weekend. That person drinks at least 5-10 cups of water, tea or juice a day, will the weed be out of his or her system a week later?If not what is the best bet it will be?Thanks in advance.I'm a pretty skinny guy, 6 feet ish.
A: maybe in a week 1/2, drink cranbberry juice and exercise.
How long does Weed take to get out of your system for drug testing.?
Q: I spent about 7 weeks getting high everyday. It's now been 5 weeks since I've smoked. Some body just called me out of the blue and asked if I'ld apply for a job that would be a promotion. They asked if I could pass a drug test. Whats the truth. 30 days, 60 days, 90 days.I've heard drinking lots of water, green tea, cranberry juice, and detox kits from a drug store.
A: it might be out but after smoking so long, it'll take longer then a month

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