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Does second hand smoke from marijuana show up in a drug test

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Second-hand marijuana smoke can leave traces of the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in your urine. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-second-hand-smoke-from-marijuana-show-up-in-a-drug-test ]
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Will second hand marijuana smoke show up on a drug test??
if you got high its in ur system I did not get high. I was sitting on the couch beside my someone while they were smoking marijuana. I did not get high. The next day, I failed a drug test at work for THC. I should of passed because I do not...
Would secondhand marijuana smoke show up on a drug test??
No. Tests done show that the person has to be confined in a small room with smoke so thick that they literally have to wear goggles to stay in the room before they will test even minimally positive. Major Studies of Drugs and Drug Policy - ...
Does secondhand marijuana smoke show up on drug test the next day...?
If it's a hair drug test, secondhand pot smoke could be detected. The protocol for hair tests requires that when a test comes out positive, they take a second sample, wash it, then test both the washed sample and the wash water. When they t...

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Will very light exposure to marijuana from Second Hand Smoke show up in my drug test??
Q: I was not in the room when my friend on vacation didn't take it outside.
A: No, the drug has to be inhaled first hand into the lungs to show up on a drug test.
Can I fail a drug test from second-hand marijuana smoke?
Q: I went to an outdoor concert on Friday and got a few whiffs of marijuana. There was a guy 2 people away who smoked a joint. I took the drug test today. Will the pot show up in my test? I asked the technician at the testing place and she said it would but I wanted more opinions because it seems crazy that it would.
A: no, my husband is a police officer, he said he's had classes on it and NO. it has been tried in studies and it only shows up if you smoke it he says
Can second hand marijuana smoke show up in a drug test on me or my baby??
A: You shouldn't have to worry about that - because you shouldn't even have your baby around that kind of situation. What is wrong with you bringing your baby around drugs -- that's SOME PARENTING now isn't it?! And for your baby's sake - I hope it does show up.How scared are you now? Be carefull DSS doesn't show up on your door step - because the come in and take the kids all in the same day. There's no warrants or anything - all they need is someone to run their mouth and they can take the baby and hold it until the police decide otherwise.

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