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Does Robitussin get you high

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Dextromethorphan (DXM) is the active ingredient in Robitussin.Use of high doses of DXM is dangerous and deaths have been reported. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-robitussin-get-you-high ]
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How much Robitussin does it take to get you "high"??
As with all drugs, it depends upon the individual and his/her metabolism. Don't use Robitussin, other over the counter drugs or illegal drugs to get high, please. Sooner or later the drugs will let you down. life is tough but the sooner you...
How to get high with robitussin
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Can you get high off robitussin?
Yes you can, a bottle of Robitussin with the active ingredient Dextromethorphan (15 mg) will get you high for approximately 8 hours. Read the label make sure it does not contain acetaminophen, which is Tylenol, and will damage your liver ab...

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How much liquid robitussin does it take to get high?
A: More than is worth the effort. Please don't.
How much and how high can you get from robitussin?
Q: i have a 250 ml bottle of robitussin and its alcohol free will i get a high from it? how much should i drink?
A: it can be very dangerous to drink robitussin. There are different kinds and some include a drug that you can overdose on and kill yourself if you have too much of it. I highly suggest you don't try it
what if i mix robitussin and red bull for a high?
Q: what if i mix that for a high?i know that robitussin gets u high i did it before, it mke u like drowsy and red bull well get you eneriezed.so what that oana make together
A: You're an idiot.

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