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Does marijuana effect your metabolism

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Although Marijuana does trigger hunger, studies have yet to prove that it increases your metabolism. ChaCha again soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-marijuana-effect-your-metabolism ]
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How does marijuana effect metabolism?
The effect of marijuana on metabolism has not yet been scientifically determined, but its effects on appetite and weight gain HAVE been proven. Those who smoke pot will experience "the munchies," although it is unclear whether thi...
Does marijuana effect the human metabolism when smoked??
no. you get the muchies because of certain chemical properties in thc that replace your blood sugar. when your blood sugar is replaced, your body feels hungry because it wants you to regain sugar levels. has nothing to do with metabolism, j...
Does marijuana have any effect on the metabolism at all or digest...?
Here is an article that may help. http://healthandcannabis.blogspot.com/20... Personally, I had trouble gaining weight my whole life, as it turns out I have celiac disease. If you are having trouble keeping weight on or can suddenly lose we...

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does marijuana have an effect on the human metabolic rate? Does it slow metabolism? ?
Q: Does marijuana have an effect on metabolism? Can it slow the resting metabolic rate? Can it quicken the rate?
A: why would you get the munchies if it slowed down your metabolism?thc speeds up your metabolism...over time if you're a heavy smoker this won't happen as much, but nonetheless the answer to your question is SPEEDS IT UPhowever, most people still gain weight, since no increase in metabolism can make up for the 12 donuts, 4 cheeseburgers, 9 cokes, 4 chocolate milks, and hot fudge sunday you ate during the last commercial break...lmaofyi...bite-sized snack foods are dangerous when you're high...one minute your opening a new 1lbs bag of tortilla chips and next thing that is important enough to steal your attention from the tv is your hand hitting the bottom of the bag...and then you have to GET UP and walk ALL THE WAY to the kitchen..soooo fuckin annoyingnow go grab your bong, take a nice big hit, and forget that you even asked this question to begin with...loloh...and watch grandma's boy too...BRILLIANT fucking movieand people, PLEASE don't light the whole bowl at once...SUCH a waste...you know who you are....its like wiping your ass with an entire brand new roll of toilet paper without even unrolling it...stop it"smoking the herb reveals you to yourself"-Bob Marley"my mom lives above the influence...seriously her rooms right on top of mine"-some stoned kid
Does Marijuana effect metabolism?
A: naw but munchies do:\lol guy under me.. that's not true...everyone I know that are pot heads are skinny or normali'm skinny too
How does marijuana affect metabolism?
Q: I use supplements(hydroxycut, creatine, amino's, and whey protein), and I work out sometimes as much as twice a day, six or seven days a week, but I also smoke marijuana regularly (2-3 times a day) to aide with my clinically-diagnosed depression (beats the hell out of Wellbutrin, Paxil, etc.,). Could my toking be having an adverse effect on my exercising?Please don't chastise, thats what parents and clergy are for. Thx!!
A: i doubt it...i exercise just about everyday and eat very healthy and yet smoke as well. You may of course get the munchies..haha...I was overweight years and years ago and I went on a diet and started exercising and continued to smoke and its all good, and if it helps with your depression all the better although I would get that addressed.

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