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Does it show up in urine tests

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Standard urine drug tests do not test for the presence of psilocybin (mushrooms). Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-it-show-up-in-urine-tests ]
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Does it show up in Urine tests?
No not unless they test specifically for buprenorphine.
Does alcohol show up in urine tests?
If that's what the test is for. Every place I've ever worked has only tested for drugs, but my father's job also tested for alcohol.
Will alcohol show up on your urine test?
Yes, police departments often use urine tests as a lawful means of proving a driver is over the legal alcohol limit while driving.

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Does really light beer show up less in urine tests?
Q: As part of my parole conditions I'm not supposed to drink but have just turned 21 and would really like a few beers. I haven't been tested and am wondering if light beers would show up at all - always can be alcohol in something you eat if it comes to it.
A: Any beer will show up in urine. They don't go by the color of your urine, they go by the alcohol content.I'm sorry but if you don't know that then you shouldn't be consuming beer in the first place.
does acid show up in urine tests?
Q: i'm on probation and took a couple of hits of acid. will it show up on a urinary analysis?
A: Aight well ALL my reaserch has shown they cant, Im not a doctor but im in rehab and Ive asked other ppl in rehab, and looked it up online. The chemical that makes you trip is thought to be the same chemical that makes you dream. So that means they cant look for it........but to be safe I would take em 3 days before ur test and drink a reasonable amount of water. If your not sure, about it tho Id eat 200-400 Heavenly Blue Morning Glory seeds. It has 2 be one of the best trips Ive ever had. Just eat em in the morning and ull be trippen by the nite. Tho your leggs tend to cramp up but thats normal. I would have 2 say its worth it tho. I ended up staring at one of my friends cheeks.....and Then I was running across it and flying planes and...yea it was the bomb. but thats all I have for ya gd luck
does cyclobenzaprine show up in urine tests? ?
Q: im on parole and i have a bad back ache and the dr. prescribed me cyclobenzaprine. i just want to know if i take it if would show up in my urine. because if it does i will get violated
A: First of all, cyclobenzaprine , generic of the brand name Flexoril, is NOT a controlled substance. So it would be no different from like, say, an antibiotic showing up on your test. And as others have said before, drug tests are for finding ILLEGAL substances. Your doctor prescribed it, and your parole will not be violated, providing of course, that the prescription was for YOU and not someone else. As far as I know the tests are not looking for those kinds of substances that aren't controlled.

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