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Does hookah make you high

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Smoking a hookah, even just tobacco, does make you high, but it's a special type of high. Peace, Love and ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-hookah-make-you-high ]
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What Is Hookah?
A hookah is a type of water pipe used to smoke flavored tobacco, which is a popular social activity among young adults in the United States, the United Kingdom and the Middle East. Many people...
Does shisha make you high?
No it's nothing like weed, and i've tried using weed but it doesnt work, it gives you a cool headrush but apart from that, nope, its more of a social thing. Oh and yeah, dont pull to deeply or it makes you feel a little nauseas and wobbly -...
Does shisha actually make you high?
It will buzz you, but due only to the lack of oxygen and the tobacco itself. Definitely not on the same level as weed.

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Does hookah make you high?
Q: My friends always post pictures of them in hookah bars and their all 17 some are 18. Hookah isn't illegal right?
A: a hookah is the thing there smoking out of....u can put whatever u want in it....but if there @ a hookah bar its usually flavored tobaccoif your @ my house and the hookah comes out...its gonna taste a little different ;)
Does smoking a hookah make you high?
A: no. its just flavored tobacco.
Does smoking hookah give you a high or does it just taste good?
Q: is it like cigarettes?
A: Hey hey :]Nah, smoking out of a hookah isn't going to get you high at all. Shisha is made out of tobacco, glycerine/honey/molasses, and flavoring. Nothing illegal or narcotic about it. It's like cigarettes in regards that it does contain tobacco, but it doesn't have other really cool chemicals of death like arsenic and all that good stuff (please note sarcasm)But yeah, since it does have nicotine, you might get a BUZZ (not high). But be sure that you're fully hydrated and you've eaten before. If you dont, you're not going to get a nice, relaxing buzz - - you're going to get a headache and possibly feel nauseous. And yeah, it tastes HELLA good. haha. just smoked mint a couple hours ago and i really enjoyed it.btw, for a recent post someone made : Tobacco is not "another alternative". It's all a hookah should be used for. Hookah is only for tobacco, NOT ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES. kthx.

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