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Do you inhale cigar smoke

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As a cigar smoker, I assure you, one does not inhale cigar smoke. Inhaling smoke from a good cigar will actually knock you on your [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-you-inhale-cigar-smoke ]
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What if you don't inhale cigar smoke?
Then you only run the risk of cancer of the mouth and tongue.
Do u inhale cigar smoke?
no, you just draw it into your mouth and throat, not your lungs....
Why should you not inhale cigar smoke?
Cigar is a big cigarette containing more nicotine. If you inhale cigar smoke, your lungs will burst. You just absorb the nicotine through the surfaces of your mouth and you get the kick. That's all. Don't inhale the whole smoke.

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Why can you inhale cigarette smoke but not cigar smoke?
Q: After all, it's just tobacco leaf in both cases. What is done to the tobacco in cigarettes that makes in 'inhalable'? Or is it perfectly fine to inhale cigar smoke as well?
A: I love smoke and smell both cigarettes and cigars(i had a friend non smoker who liked the smell so much,so he used to buy a cigar for me and i send the smoke in his face(!) ),but the best smell is pipe's.
What can happen if you inhale cigar smoke?
A: It depends on the cigar. Some cigar smoke is fairly mild while other is very strong. In any case cigar smoke is not filtered and is relatively harsh. I wouldn't recommend inhaling. The real flavor of cigars is best enjoyed by your mouth, not lungs. Unless you are seasoned smoker you probably cough on cigar smoke.
Why would you not inhale cigar smoke?
Q: It's the same as cigarettes basically, right?
A: Good cigars are pure tobacco, not adulterated with the additives that cigarettes have. However, if you are smoking Swisher Sweets, Phillies or similarly flavored "cigars," do whatever you want because they are garbage.Fire up a Macanudo, Montecristo, a Rocky Patel or something good.

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