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Do Cranberry Pills help to pass a Drug Test

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Cranberry juice may dilute your urine for a drug test, but it may also may make your urine too light for the test to register. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-cranberry-pills-help-to-pass-a-drug-test ]
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Will cranberry pills help me pass a drug test?
No - what sort of urban myth is that!
Can cranberry pills help you pass a drug test with in 2 days??
yes, you should drink a ton of water and play basketball so that way you will sweat alot of the thc out, taking the 500mg all natural ones work better
Will taking AZO Cranberry pills help pass a drug test?
Sorry, but it's all a scam to separate the tokers from their money. Not that they have any, weed is pricey.

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can cranberry pills help pass a drug test?
Q: i gota drug test in a week.will this help?Sunkist Grower Select Cranberry 36:1 Concentrate 500 mg, Capsules # Dietary Supplement.# Promotes a healthy urinary tract.# 100% Natural source color & flavor.# This 36:1 cranberry concentrate powder - 36 grams of whole cranberries equals 1 gram of cranberry concentrate - contains all the active ingredients of cranberry juice without the added sugar.
A: i wouldn't see why not.i knew someone who drank a LOT of juice, until he was peeing out green (the color of the juice) and he passed a drug test. his was an at-home test too, so it was less acurate.i think this would definately increase your chances of passing. of course, you'll have a higher chance if you took the drugs a while ago.good luck!p.s. they have cleaning kits my friend buys all the time. they clean your system out so you show up fine on the drug test (i don't know the details on how they clean you out). try researching them, i wouldn't think they'd be hard to get ahold of if he always buys them; try a local drug store. the cleaning kits work every time and are more trustworthy if you're getting a professional drug test.
do cranberry pills really work to pass drug test??? if so should i take them a day before or same day??? HELP!?
Q: i smoke everyday about 5 blunts a day i would say......have to take a drug test in 3 days.....do cranberry pills work????
A: with that kind of excessive use, its most likely the drugs are going to be detectable for up to 90 days.......it gets embedded and stored in your body fat no cranberry pills are going to metabolize and clean out your system in 3 daysthis is kind of a radical idea, stop smoking
will cranberry pills help me pass a drug test?
Q: the last time i used was a week agowell i know its going to be a piss test for sure
A: No - what sort of urban myth is that!

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