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Can you use cigarette tobacco as dipping tobacco

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No, but the Nicotine blood levels achieved by smokeless tobacco use are similar to those from cigarette smoking... ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-use-cigarette-tobacco-as-dipping-tobacco ]
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Can you use tobacco dip to make a cigarette?
Of course you could. You would have to dry it out for several days first so it would light. You may not be able to stand the smoke from it though.
Do you think Smokeless Tobacco (Chew, Snuff, Spit, Dip) is a safe...?
Those individuals who use Smokeless tobacco are at an increased risk for cancer of the oral cavity which includes cancer of the; lips, tongue, cheeks, gums, and the floor and roof of the mouth
Can you dip with cigarette tobacco?
Yes. I could also take a battery, break it open and shove that in my lip. You could dip with anything. You wouldn't get a buzz from it, if that was your implied question.

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Does dipping tobacco (snuff) have more nicotine than cigarettes?
Q: I know cigarettes and tobacco are very bad for your health and cause cancer. I want to know which tobacco product has the most nicotine. Cigarettes, dip, chewing tobacco, nicotine patches or nicotine gum. How much nicotine does 1 cigarettes have compared to a pinch of dip and others?
A: Dip is not the same as snuff, but anyways dip has more nicotine.I have heard that a 2 can a week dipper gets more nicotine than a 1 pack a day smoker. I dont have scientific evidence supporting this, but this is what ive heard. I was addicted to that sh-t and cigarettes. I like dip better, but i would say dip is more addictive.
how can i make my own dip out of cigarette tobacco?
Q: i want to change cigarette tobacco into moist dip (snuff, chewing tobacco) how do i do this?
A: Mix it with a bit of honey and suck on that for awhile....yuck!
Can cigarette tobacco make you tired??? Please, I need help for a health project!?
Q: Can cigarette tobacco make you feel like all your energy is drained out of you??? Or just dip tobacco? Will dip tobacco make you feel tired if you use ALOT ALOT of it??? Please answer its for a health project
A: Yes if you smoke too many you will feel fatigued because of mild asphyxiation . Although smoking can actually keep you from sleep . A cigarette before bed will affect your ability to get to sleep for about 1 hour .

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