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Can you tell me how do people smoke meth

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Meth can be smoked using a glass pipe or using tin foil. No matter which way it is smoked, it is not good for you. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-tell-me-how-do-people-smoke-meth ]
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Can people who smoke methamphetamine still learn acedemics??
Sure, they would become educated skinny toothless people -- but not very smart! They would be wasting the experience somewhat because they could do a lot better academically without the meth, but I suppose it's still possible to get somethi...
Can a person test postive for crystal meth from being around peop...?
There might be a extremely small possibility, depending on how close and how much smoke was in the room and how long she was in there. Your concerns should be is what was she doing around Meth in the first place, and if it was just bad timi...

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Would a crack smoker be able to tell the difference if given meth to smoke in the same way as crack cocaine?
Q: He claims to have smoked crack but tests negative for cocaine, tests positive for Meth though. Claims he thought it was coke. Lying or stupid? Addict yes, but lying about it or was it intentional?
A: IMO, whatever he is smoking is bad. However, I think the highs would be completely different. Meth messes with the dopamine in your brain, and you get a different high. Meth keeps you up alot longer too...If you want info on meth, go to www.kci.org. It is a site, regarding meth.One other thing~very seldom will a meth addict come out and admit that they are using meth. They "protect" their addiction at all costs. I think he is lying to you.
I know some people that do drugs and smoke crystal meth?
Q: Well i dont really know them, i know OF them. they are just an aquantance and they go to a different school thats very close to my school. Girl A drinks, smokes weed;; and Girl B smokes crystal meth and she looks really ugly and old but shes only 14?? Should i tell someone.....? And Girl A has a little sister thats like only 13 and smokes cigarretes... Its not really any of my business but seriously?
A: You're exactly right. It is none of your business. They are not your responsibility, and intruding into other peoples lives and trying to "help" them when you're not welcome is just plain wrong. I feel really bad for meth girl, but it's nobodies business but theirs, live with it.I can only speak for people I know, but drug users generally respect non-users choices to not use drugs. Show them the same courtesy.
Is there a way to tell the difference between crack and meth just from the smell of the second-hand smoke?
Q: My friend's roommate tells her she likes to snort cocaine, but she smells this strange smokey smell every morning coming out of the bathroom that makes her cough the second it hits her throat. How damaging is the second-hand smoke of either?
A: crack smells like burning rubber.

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