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Can you shoot crack

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To inject cocaine, mix the powder with a small amount of water & use a hypodermic needle to force the solution into a vein. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-shoot-crack ]
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Was he cracking jokes during the shoot?
He was totally cracking jokes. He was really easy to work with. The pool was very deep and I asked him to try look like he was crawling out of the pool. We didn't have a ladder. Joel was running as fast as he could around that pool and jump...
How did you feel watching the photo shoot where you were cracking...?
On the show I think I looked absolutely ridiculous. It’s just shot after shot of me laughing laughing laughing. I was just having a good time with everybody else I was around. I was definitely not laughing at the side effects of smoking.

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Can you shoot up Crack Cocaine?
Q: I am trying to write a short story about a homeless druggie, and I don't know that much about drugs. I know you can snort crack, but can you shoot it up too?
A: To inject cocaine, the user mixes the powder with a small amount of water and uses a hypodermic needle to force the solution directly into a vein.Crack is a solid form of cocaine. Cocaine powder forms the base of freebase cocaine. Freebase Cocaine has a low melting point, so it can be smoked. It is made by dissolving powder cocaine in water and a strong alkaloid solution such as ammonia. Then, a highly flammable solvent like ether is added, and a solid cocaine base separates out from the solution.
WHY do you smoke/shoot crack, meth, ice?
Q: we all pretty much understand ( i would hope) that these drugs turn people into mean, emotionless "people" who often steal from their own mother's purse. we all know it messes you up later in life. so why do you do it?? later in life...does it not matter? i have seen the best people go down over these drugs. so please tell me why?
A: we like it duh
Is it possible to shoot up crack ... without dying of course?
Q: No.. I'm not a drug user. I'm trying to verify a story I was told by someone. I want to know if what he told me was b.s. or not. Is it possible for one to shoot up crack cocaine? I know it is generaly smoked.. but can it be cooked and injected like heroine?Uh folks.. please read the details. I AM NOT A USER!! Thank you for your concern however. But I'm not asking because I want to try this. I'm asking because I'm trying to find out if what I was told by someone else about what a loved one of mine may or may not be doing is a viable possiblity. Thus far it seems like it is.
A: Crack is cheap smokable cocaine, not freebased, but instead mixed with baking soda, so you might feel the same high, but you are still smoking baking soda. Do not inject baking soda into your bloodstream, as it will (along with any other alkali substances), start to eat the inside lining of your heart out. (Endocarditis) My older brother died from that. He died slowly, probably from in fact maybe that exact same thing you describe, being he wasn't rich or well-informed until he learned the hard way. At least I learned from his experience. I hate the people who invented Crack, because they made it just that much harder to ever begin to decriminalise drug use, the goal of NORML and other groups (Gasp, yes, that could be done, we do live in a free society), but not if too many morons don't use good sense, or even know what crack really is.

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