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Can you have a marijuana hangover

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Yes, it is possible to get a hangover from marijuana. Usually it makes you very tired and lazy the next morning. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-have-a-marijuana-hangover ]
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Is there a marijuana hangover?
Nah your fine happens to me too just relax it goes away after a little while.
Will smoking marijuana help my hangover?
It helps me personally a great deal. I get terrible hangovers (mostly sick to my stomach, which is probably why smoking helps) from drinking not very much. From a medical standpoint, the important thing is being hydrated. However, just for ...
How can you get rid of a marijuana hangover?
weed doesn't cause diarrhea. Unless you ate too much when you got the munchies.

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How can you get rid of a marijuana hangover?
Q: After I was done with smoking and I came down I had a severe headache. When I smoked weed before I never had this. Last night I couldn't sleep for some reason because I would either wake up hot or cold, and this morning I had Diahrea. Does anyone know a cure for this?
A: weed doesn't cause diarrhea.Unless you ate too much when you got the munchies.
Possible marijuana hangover?
Q: It has been awhile since I smoked, approximately 6 months. Yesterday I got really faded, and all day today I have been feeling a bit "off". It almost seems as if I feel "mini highs", and am very tired and spacy. Never had this happen before, was wondering what your opinion it was.Oh yeah, I felt pretty numb at times too, throughout the course of the day, also.Thanks
A: yea it happs to ppl sumtimeslike the other dude said, its ur body's way of detoxing
Curious...Marijuana hangover?
Q: Well I'll start off by saying that I dont smoke often at all, so I have a very low tolerance. Last night i blazed bout 2 bowls and got pretty trashed and I think I was still feeling some of the effects of the weed practically throughout the whole school day (eg. spaced out, forgetting what the teacher was sayin and general laziness). It was a very surreal experience and I'm just curious to know what you guys think.Has this ever happened to you?
A: I've been a pothead since 1992. Marijuana doesn't have a "hangover" but I can explain what happened to you. To this day, if I fall asleep while I'm still very high, I can have a good semi-buzz the next day. It's very mild and barely noticeable, but then again my tolerance is very high. Years ago, the feeling was more intense. If you smoke earlier in the day and give yourself time to sober up, you should be fine. Not that this will hurt you anyway, other than maybe affecting your school work.

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